Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sample sale @ KID ROBOT

Xmas is just around the corner ;o)

Obama Reggaeton

I was really dancing to this in front of the mirror . LOL


Don't ask me why but I just reacted to something by saying "HUBBA HUBBA" and realized it's from one of my favorite movies of when I was a kid. Do you remember this one? Geee I wonder why I loved it so much ....

This goes out to....

Rich , Marlyn and Pae . CLASSSSSSSSSSSIC !


When someone is doing good I am always happy for them regardless of what it is. As long as it's something that I know they have the passion for and I know that they are doing it to accomplish something for themselves and not to show off, I support them 100%. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people hate on the good of others . I write about this all the time because it's something that bothers me and I need to get off my chest a lot of times. Another one of those things in life that I don't understand is how people waste their time and energy paying attention to what the next person is doing so that they can go ahead and do better . That is Lame ! When someone creates something good I applaud them and send more people to look at what was created. I don't go bashing their every move. It's just not right. I  feel like I am working hard at what I do and just like I work hard, I know the next person is working hard as well. Reality is that life is not easy. If you are walking around pretending that everything is easy CONGRATS you are officially a bullshitter. You have to bust your ass to reach ultimate goals. 
Envy causes people to sit on their sorry asses and complain about others . Envy often leads to misery and misery loves company. Unfortunately envy can dig you in a deeper hole if you don't stray away from it. If you feel that envy is taking over your life fight against it. Not easy? Think about it this way ... It's one of the 7 deadly sins. Getting rid of envy unclutters your aura and allows more positive things to enter your life so that you can do more than sit and pay attention to what ever other people are doing. 
I do what I do to do it for myself and my accomplishments  , not because the other person is doing it and I want to do it better  . I was not always like this. I admit that there was a time in my life when I was sitting pissed at the world because I didn't have what other people had . I let go and for the past couple of years things have been good, not always peaches and cream but good.  I put up some crazy myspace and face book messages and people wonder WTF is wrong with me. It's just a way I vent for the moment with a little humor behind it. Incase you didn't know , I make humor out of every situation just so that I won't allow negative shit to take over. See if it works for you. 
 If you want to waste your time and want to criticize my every move to try to make me look bad go ahead . Do what you have to do. It's life and I know that the truth is that not everyone knows how to get rid of the green monster. I have just learned on my own how to bounce it off me . In the long run whatever plans someone up there has made for me , will happen. No one can take that away. I don't know what my calling in life is but if it's meant for me to preach about life to make the world a better place then I'm going to keep doing it. 

Quote I am feeling right now :

I read this some where, and I have always been a true believer in this . Those that know me know that nothing gets pass me . The truth always comes to surface without me looking for it or even sometimes not wanting to know. I have no idea why this always happens to me. It's weird but I guess it's a good thing. 
Whatever needs to be known will be revealed in the exact moment you need to know it.

It's cold out...

I was FREEZING on my way to work . Today I did a good dead .  Honest truth , I felt warmer after I did what I did . I am not feeling the homeless people out in the street at all. It is going to be a brutal winter and we need to help them out as much as we can . Especially those that are disabled and can not be employed . Think about this .

Obama Informercial- In case you missed it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In this day in Age RACISM is a HUGE problem ...

I wish I could tell racist people to go sit in the corner and read a book . OH wait I just did. That is , if you a racist  of course. Check out this video on my brother site .

No need to keep buying boots ...

to update your winter wardrobe. It's easy to make your boots look different every time you wear them by slipping one of these bands on each boot . It is a very cute idea. However, they are not worth the money if you pay less than $145 for a pair of boots . They run at $65.00 each pair. So if you're buying boots at moderate prices  , I would recommend that you make your own . 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love 'em in my favorite colors !

This is why he will make a good President ...

P.S. with only six days away please remember no campaigning at the booth  . 

A Not-So-Happy Blog

I'm sitting in my office right now, just having finished a conversation with my co-worker about the current situation of our economy.

He's been working in the denim business for as long as I've been born and is in fear that his new denim brand won't succeed. And worse, if it doesn't, he has no confidence that his reputation in the garment business will secure him with a job elsewhere due to the current standing that our economy is in. He feels like he'll have to get a job in another field, or worse, a job with lesser responsibilities which will ultimately lead to a smaller salary.

Now I'm thinking about what will happen if (and when)I graduate and can't get a job in the "fashion" industry or something similar.

We're currently in a GLOBAL recession. People are struggling now more than ever. It hasn't been this bad in 40 years.

My only hope is that once Obama wins the election (willingly, granted opinions don't change about him in the next seven days) things will change. And then after that long will it take for this crisis to be turned around?

Oey Vey.
Ay Dios Mio.
Oh Brother.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pride and Glory

I headed to the movies and watched the 10:50 show . This is always a bad idea for me . I straight up fall asleep during late movie times . Pride and Glory kept me up the whole time . It was just crazy . I was thinking about it all day. I would love to see it again . One scene was actually shot around the corner from my crib. I was deeply into the movie when I saw the building on Hull avenue that faces the cemetery. It reminded me of the time my dad's car was moved by the film crew and we thought it was stolen . lol yeah good times.

Grey's Papaya supports Obama !

Meanwhile ...

Two crazos were plotting the assassination of Obama .

To brighten up the night a little ...

So Sunday afternoon , my girls and I headed to the Chanel Exhibit. We arrived and there were no more tickets left for the day. Apparently, you must get there at 8 am to get your ticket for the morning hours. You have to be there around 11am for afternoon hours. We are going to attempt next weekend again. After getting over our disappointment we decided to just look at the bright side. Here are some pics of my Sunday  at Central Park with my girlies . 

For those of you who don't know .  There is always a roller skating party right by The Mall in Central Park. There was a Halloween theme yesterday. My girls and I had tons of laughs standing there people watching . 

My mind is scattered right now...

Watching the news, chatting on i chat and snooping around J Hud's myspace page. I stopped by her sister's and brother's page too. This whole shit is just crazy sad . I am so close to crying right now. The night time news just announces violence after violence after violence . I was just explaining to someone  how I wish things were done to lower crime rates . He must have thought I was crazy cause I went on a tangent. Is there really more we can do? If so where do we start ? If someone has symptoms of a murderer why can't they be evaluated and put away some where ? I am probably not making sense. My mind is just scattered right now . At the age of 24 I still don't understand why someone would feel that they have the right to take someone's life away. Yes, I understand , we are all supposed to die, but why should some of us die in such horrible ways?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is what it looks like outside my bedroom window.

They're doing construction on my building . The wind is blowing ridiculously strong today. Pieces keep falling on my air conditioner. If I were to open my window, all of this would be inside my bedroom. Ugh so DISGUSTING!


Is going on with Myspace? I can't log in . Am I the only one with this problem?

In case...

You find yourself sitting in traffic and would like to complain about it the number to call is 311.

El otro Idiota

Apparently Mc Cain's brother is an idiot too ...

Que maldita LOCA

This posting is to show how insane people are starting to get with the election coming up in a couple of days. It's also a way of showing you that most of the craziness is coming from Mc Cain supporters lol . Ashley Todd. Does this name ring a bell ? Todd was the twenty year old college woman who claimed to have been attacked by the 6 foot 4 black man this past Wenesday night for being a Mc Cain supporter. She lied. Yes WTF is right.

Im feeling this song right now...

Can't wait for the album!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Damn ... So Sad

It's Friday night I am at home. My home girl is on my computer and came across some really crazy news. Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother have been murdered. Her 7 year old nephew was abducted. Shit just makes me sad because that is just too much for a person to handle. She does not deserve this . No one deserves this . My condolences go out to her.

You Can't

Get the Scoop!

I start my new job tomorrow!!! Very excited and I thought I should share this with you all. If anyone of you readers are interested, I work at Scoop Street in the Meat Packing District (14th and Washington). I'm sooooo excited. :)

Desperate to find Prince Charming

I guess my girls and I are not the only ones to figure out how hard it is to find a decent men in New York City. I mean how do you find them these days? Girls are turning to and Yeah , it's that bad out here . Especially if you are in your twenties and are looking to date someone around the same age as you . 99 times out of 100 (lol my stats) you will meet a guy who is not ready to settle down and wants to screw every girl he meets. That's why I am still single . I was just telling my home girl last night that I have not found the one and I am not about to settle with just anyone . I mean I still date , but no one has really had that boyfriend potential . I do not want the perfect man, but can I at least have a man who will go an extra mile for me and wouldn't flirt with anything that has a breast ? LMFAO you girls know what I mean we speak about this all the time . That's why a lot of us can't take a man serious until further notice.
Amy Borkowsky is raising money to place a personal ad during the Superbowl to find the man of her dreams. LOL I guess it is that serious out there. Borkowsky has to raise about 3 million dollars. As of right now she has raised 1,121 dollars . That is just with donations of 10 and 25 dollars. Anyone who donates 10,000 dollars or more will be invited to the wedding. You can donate some money here if you would like to donate towards her cause rather than giving it to the poor. OH MAN, my thoughts exactly . That is just too much pressure. I wonder what her rush is to get married . A little too desperate if you ask me . Amy , I think you should just chill , he'll come along by himself when the time is right .

One of the best compliments I have received ...

"you def have the most drive i've seen in a female
thats what up"

Thanks kid ! I know you told me this two nights ago but it def gave me more motivation to keep doing what I am doing .

Its almost 1am

I am up watching the Tyra banks show. Tonight's segment is on women and domestic violence. This month is domestic violence awareness month. I am really sensitive about this subject. A couple of years ago my high school girlies and I lost a close friend to domestic violence. Though at the time of this crime , Eva and I had grown a little distant, her death affected me a lot. Eva was my first friend in high school. Her parents we're cool with my parents and she would come chill at my house during weekends. I had a lot of good times with her and my friends can say the same. It's crazy how when someone is gone you remember every detail of the good times. I have the worst time remembering anything these days. However, from time to time I find myself thinking about Eva , little things here and there remembering every single detail. Tonight while watching the Tyra banks show and listening to the girls tell their stories I started thinking about Eva again. Honestly there is not a day that I don't think about her.
Growing up I also witnessed acts of domestic violence against two teenage girls from my block . They were older then me. I must have been around ten or eleven. This situation taught me from young to never let a man put his hands on me. Eva's situation taught me to be extremely careful with who I date. Honestly, the first time a guy makes me feel uncomfortable , I cut him off. I take it as a sign . I might be paranoid and might go overboard with it sometimes but I refuse to put myself in that situation . I am scared of getting caught up. Some warning signs of domestic violence are as follows:
  • uses force or violence to solve problems; quick temper; cruel to animals; over-reacts to little problems and everyday frustrations.
  • abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • jealous; wants to keep tabs on where you are at all times; prohibits you from pursuing other relationships.
  • become angry if their wishes are not fulfilled.
  • have strong ideas about traditional roles family members should adhere to.
If you or someone you know is being abused please get help.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am here typing away. Supposed to be watching Grey's Anatomy . Missed the whole thing because I was typing away. One scene distracted me from typing. The Patient says :
I gave a kidney for him and he hasn't made a choice
I think she was talking about her man who was dating her and another woman at the same time and was supposed to decide between them. Now, I may be wrong. Please remember I have been typing away. So Christina tells her :
Well he hasn't called for you or asked for you , I think he made his decision
WOW! Talk about wake up call . If a man has not made a decision about you on his own , 99 times out of 100 means that he won't and if he does it won't be with you . My point ? Move on it's his fault , his loss . Definitely not yours. Don't go giving your kidney for him either let him give his for you first.

Why the stickers on my Mac ...

When I went to visit one of my brothers from another mother in Cali last spring , I became amused with how he sticks stickers on his lap top. Thanks to Rich I started doing the same . I immediately took the sticker I got from the Princess of the Posse launch party and placed it on mine. The sticker stood by it's lonesome until I stopped by the De La Vega store on my way to Drom one Tuesday night. The Artist himself gave me a sticker.

In the theater of life, you too will have your moment.

I had to stick it on too. I definitely know I will have my moment one day. It's a feeling I have always had . People tell me all the time . Not just people I know, Random people I just meet , and of course my psychic. I had to put my kid robot sticker up there. It's a little inside story no one knows and will ever know . I just put two more up to celebrate my new job ! You figure it out.

I am curious though . What do your lap tops look like . Send me a pic at I am serious .

Fix your face honey!

One thing I do not find cute is when a girl has this mean look on her face at all times . I was on the train and could not help to stare at this girl who could be pretty if only she would fix her face. I don't mean surgery. What I mean is that they need to wipe that "I'm disgusted at all times, my shit don't stink , what are you wearing , I look better, I am better " look. WHO the hell are they kidding . We are not stupid. They can't cover their "I have low self esteem and I am miserable so I have to keep my face like this to make people think that I am the shit" look. Do you people get what I am saying ? Do you know the type of girls I am talking about ?
Like these girls are the same girls who want to be in other people's business because their life isn't going to well. Maybe if they would smile more often life would be a bit sweeter for them.

The HA HA for the night

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here is an event for tomorrow ...

OPEN BAR right now !

ummmm.... due to my technical difficulties, I am posting this event right as it's happening. Most of you will probably be out already but if you are looking for something to do tonight here is something to do:
Here is something else you might want to do:

Another ME outfit...

This Laura dress by LINUS is hot. It's from the Spring/Summer 09' collection. Can't wait that long? You can definitely buy it now at the Presale.


If any of you are playing the Mc.Donald's Monopoly game. If so, have you won anything ? They are claiming $100,000 worth of prices each day. I won't believe it until I see it or shall I say hear it. Let me know ... I would love to know.

I still think ...

This Tee is hot ! Go buy it . Not later... I mean like right now !

I am back

at blogger. (yeah this is exactly what the website looks like now- DELETED) messed up BIG time . I am so disappointed. ALL of my recent interesting writing is gone. YES all of it. You do not even know how pissed off I got. All that hard work down the drain. I was loving the new layout and the colors. I did bring the colors over along with the fabulous banner that my boy made for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate blogger. I actually find it much easier. However , I wish the layouts were more fun and creative. I was having a VERY good time playing with the layout over at I might just have to write to blogger. I mean if they polish up their layouts a bit , I might as well stay here. They have been reliable for years. I mean, what the hell was I thinking going to when there were rumors that they were going broke.
Now, here I am again , I refuse to give up. This is just another obstacle put in my way to make me me stronger and better...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I told you so...

People are definitely going hungry in our city. In 2007 3.1 million New Yorkers found it difficult to afford food for themselves and their families. Those hungry people include women, children, seniors, the working poor , and people with disabilities. On top of that , they can not afford the healthy foods causing diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Want to help? You can help feed the hungry in two different ways.

From now through January you can feed hungry New Yorkers through your local supermarket. It is called Check-out Hunger. It is very simple. All you have to do is shop at any of the supermarkets listed below. Choose a coupon priced $1, $3 or $5. The Cashier person will scan and that is the amount you have to donate. Don't be cheap, think about the hungry, seriously. Some of the participating supermarkets are : Shop Rite, The Food Emporium, Fairway , and Pathmark.

From October 20th through December 31st NYC Goes Orange. NYC's skyline will go orange and it will not be because of Halloween. Orange is the color of hunger awareness. Through this period of time , individuals and companies alike will be finding ways to raise funds and awareness to help those that can not afford food. If everyone does their part the world would be a bit more of a better please. I am asking , do your part. Hopefully someone from the Olive Garden will read this and do their part too.

People are going Hungry in the City ...

and Olive Garden is throwing away food. I headed to Olive Garden the other night with one of my BFF's and her co-workers. We went for the Never Ending Pasta Bowl special. Yes. All you can eat pasta for 8.95. Starch fills me up really quick. There was no way I was going to eat more than one kind of pasta after eating the delicious bread sticks. So I held off ordering another one. One of the girls thought she would be able to eat a second plate, but after a few bites it did not happen. She asked the waitress if she can take the rest home. The waitress told us that we were not allowed to because it was a special. As she took all the plates away I realized that all that food could have fed atleast two hungry children. I was a little upset. My friends know that I always make a big deal out of wasting food. I mean , it's just not right. Why couldn't she take home the food when it was going into the garbage anyways. Yes, I did mention it to the waitress. I hope that everytime she throws away tons of food, she thinks about what I said and the people that are going hungry.

I found It!

My Yellow Cardigan ! Left it at my Tia's house .

NYPD takes advantage...

So on my way to one of my BFF's nieghborhood I came out of the subway on 149th and the Concourse. I waited for the light to change to cross the street. The light turned red and the cops went on a ticket giving spree. You know the "don't block the box law"? They Od'd. There were a good 7 traffic cops on that corner. When the light turned red they ran into the street and started giving out tickets as if they were giving out free food. OK , it is a law that you can not block the box, but is it necessary to have seven people in the corner? Bogus !

No it is not raining rubber duckies..

A few weeks ago London held its annual Great British Duck Race Charity event. I thought the pics were cool.

BuzyGirls / BuzyGuys ... Listen Up!

It's party time...Oh! Oh it's parrrtty time. We're havin' a parrttyy......

So one of my chums at the Fashion Institute of Technology starts his job as a promoter for this new (or not so new?) place called BRANCH. It's hip, it's fun...and you're probably sick of hitting up the same old place weekend after weekend with your girls/guys. So why not try something new?

Take a break from your "Buzy" lives and sit down...have a drink....and party it up!

My amigo's name is Joe, and he does Saturday nights (I believe).

Here's a photo of what the place looks like:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And here's Joe's info:

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am not weird ... I am just knowledgeable.

When Mercury is in retrograde, I try not to stress about things because I know things get a little chaotic. Especially transportation and technology. The problem is that not many people know about Mercury in retrograde and stress themselves out and others . I try to explain that Mercury is in retrograde causing them to feel as if everything is going wrong. They look at me like I am crazy. I would like to educate those who do not know. Mercury goes into retrograde 4 times a year for a period of about three weeks.
Mercury rules all forms of communication. This includes travel, speaking and writing . When Mercury goes retrograde it causes a breakdown of communication. Communication becomes confused , delayed or misunderstood. This is not a good time to sign contracts or launching new projects . This is the time to start planning anything you may want to finalize after Mercury goes back to it's direct motion. This is a good time to also reevaluate your self to decide what moves to make next.

Shopping Event This Sat ..


I'm back ! New posts coming up in a few !

Friday, October 3, 2008


It's 9:30p. Rob & Big is on MTV and I'm sitting in my super comfy pajamas with tea and my blackberry by my side. I'm not feeling to well tonight, obviously.

I was on MySpace updating my profile (and doing all the things that people my age do on the computer when they are bored and alone {with the exception of, thank you very much}), and saw this video that had a bunch of celebs listed in the blurb - the title: "Don't Vote":

So vote...for something. Anything! Vote because you care about health care. Vote because you want your parents to be able to retire at a normal age with a good retirement package! Vote for abortion rights! Vote for LGBT rights! VOTE because YOU CAN! Vote to show those bastards who think you wont vote that you can...will...and did.

Seriously people - if you aren't registered, PLEASE DO IT! It takes FIVE seconds, and you can do it while you're home! On your computer! PLEASE do not sit and watch this video and say to yourself "Wow, Leonardo DiCaprio looked soooo hot in this commercial" Seriously, go register, and if you're already registered, PASS THIS MESSAGE ON!!

check out these sites to help you on your way toward registering:


My Anthem!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well Hello Hello ...

So the past two days have been crazy! Feels like months worth of stuff has happened to me. Reason why I was M.I.A. On Tuesday I was laid off. No worries I felt like that was not the place for me to be. I celebrated . My friends thought I was crazy. I feel life is too short to sit and be sad about things like that and I also feel like getting laid off released alot of negative energy. All of a sudden good things just started happening for me , exactly an hour after I walked out of the office. I don't like jinxing myself so I will keep those things private for now. I have a few days off to relax and party of course . I deserve it it's been tough road and it was well worth it.
I have been staying positive regardless of any obstacles. Let me just tell you, staying positive just makes things happen.
On another positive note. My homeboy has been keeping up with the BuzyGuy blog. Check it!