Friday, October 3, 2008


It's 9:30p. Rob & Big is on MTV and I'm sitting in my super comfy pajamas with tea and my blackberry by my side. I'm not feeling to well tonight, obviously.

I was on MySpace updating my profile (and doing all the things that people my age do on the computer when they are bored and alone {with the exception of, thank you very much}), and saw this video that had a bunch of celebs listed in the blurb - the title: "Don't Vote":

So vote...for something. Anything! Vote because you care about health care. Vote because you want your parents to be able to retire at a normal age with a good retirement package! Vote for abortion rights! Vote for LGBT rights! VOTE because YOU CAN! Vote to show those bastards who think you wont vote that you can...will...and did.

Seriously people - if you aren't registered, PLEASE DO IT! It takes FIVE seconds, and you can do it while you're home! On your computer! PLEASE do not sit and watch this video and say to yourself "Wow, Leonardo DiCaprio looked soooo hot in this commercial" Seriously, go register, and if you're already registered, PASS THIS MESSAGE ON!!

check out these sites to help you on your way toward registering:


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Mel said...

LOL....On the contrary I think everyone should see this video in it's entirety to get the real message.