Friday, October 24, 2008

Desperate to find Prince Charming

I guess my girls and I are not the only ones to figure out how hard it is to find a decent men in New York City. I mean how do you find them these days? Girls are turning to and Yeah , it's that bad out here . Especially if you are in your twenties and are looking to date someone around the same age as you . 99 times out of 100 (lol my stats) you will meet a guy who is not ready to settle down and wants to screw every girl he meets. That's why I am still single . I was just telling my home girl last night that I have not found the one and I am not about to settle with just anyone . I mean I still date , but no one has really had that boyfriend potential . I do not want the perfect man, but can I at least have a man who will go an extra mile for me and wouldn't flirt with anything that has a breast ? LMFAO you girls know what I mean we speak about this all the time . That's why a lot of us can't take a man serious until further notice.
Amy Borkowsky is raising money to place a personal ad during the Superbowl to find the man of her dreams. LOL I guess it is that serious out there. Borkowsky has to raise about 3 million dollars. As of right now she has raised 1,121 dollars . That is just with donations of 10 and 25 dollars. Anyone who donates 10,000 dollars or more will be invited to the wedding. You can donate some money here if you would like to donate towards her cause rather than giving it to the poor. OH MAN, my thoughts exactly . That is just too much pressure. I wonder what her rush is to get married . A little too desperate if you ask me . Amy , I think you should just chill , he'll come along by himself when the time is right .

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