Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new Addiction...

On black Friday I went to meet up with my girls at Rockefeller Center . As I walked out of the subway I spotted the Nintendo store and went inside. The Nintendo DS Super Mario Bundle had launched that same day. Darn ! You know me so well. I purchased it right then and there along with Brain Age 2 . I have been hooked on once again . It's kind of relaxing . Nintendo is the shit ! Check out this new "game" :

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have never been happier. There is nothing to be unhappy about . Ummmm hello ! Great Job , Great friends, Great Family , A black President !!!! WOOO HOOOO . I even enjoyed the long ass walk to my grandmothers house on the cold beautiful day. lol . I would like to say that I am greatful for all the love recieved today and everyday. MUAAAAAH love you all !

Spotted in Riverdale ...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Men and their EGOs

I took a cab to the train station this morning . I do this a lot and I definitely know the fastest route to getting there . Welllllll the MAN that picked me up this morning , insisted that his way was faster and that there was no entrance on 205th and Perry . UUGH DUUDE i go in through that entrance EVERYDAY.  How the hell is he going to tell me there isn't one ? Am I imagining going down the stairs and onto the train every morning ? Of course I missed the train because we didn't get there on time. I just don't understand why men , especially Dominican men don't give us any credit for knowing something they don't know about. What a damn Moron ! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Damn Beyonce you should of dished first .

Angie is dishing out dirt on Jay-Z 's and Beyonce's relationship. Now, thats fucked up . Girls I will make your life impossible if you try to ever dish on me and any of my relationships to make some extra money one day. Real talk . 

Thumb Tacks as a fashion statement ...

This morning on the subway this morning when I opened my eyes and saw something I haven't seen since High School . Thumb tacks used to prevent jeans from dragging on the floor. I wanted to take a picture so bad but this guy looked like he would shoot me so I just started reading my emails. 

One of the emails was from my homegirl it said "my co worker sent me this and I had to send it to you girls." Let me take a minute to explain that my girls and a few select homeboys have this daily email thread of the topic of the day. The topic of today was the photo . The photo was the one above. LMFAO how ironic? Definitely a sign that I should chat about this a little today. 

Here is our reaction to the photo :

AROD: Wow...

Mel: In related news, Ashlee Simpson named her son Bronx Mowgli. I bet if she saw this guy on the street she would probably roll her eyes, completely unaware that this is what the Bronx is all about- working with what you have, even if it means sticking push pins to the back of your boots so that your pants don't drag on the floor! LMAO.

Me : LMFAO LMFAO you guys are going to laugh , I saw the same thing this morning and was about to take a picture on the train . The difference was that this guy was a little more discreet because he had white uptowns (stil blah ) and white thumb tacks . LOL . F tell your co worker this pic is going up on my blog . As for ashlee simpson naming her son Bronx I seriously think thats a cute name . I mean people name their kids Brooklyn all the time .

Me again: and looking at the pic again i must say he is wearing it wrong. You have to stick it to your sneakers and then hang your jeans over them 

Mel: Yes, but I'm sure they know what Brooklyn is all about. LMAO...Que sabe Ashlee?

Me: lol lol thats true lol 

F: LMAO send me the link to your blog so I can send it to her. She’s a fashionista like you! I told her you were going to put it up she’s happy about it.

J:LMAO, what is our society coming to? Next thing you know you'll have people walking around with staples on their missing buttons

Mel: I'm just mad she named her so Bronx Mowgli, especially when I specifically told her I was going to name my future child Prince Akeem Sheer Khan Jafee Joffer Konstantatos, I. How dare she take my movie reference name?!

ARodI’m mad you are correcting this totally wrong fashion statement. lol

Me:LMFAO The guy I saw this morning had it neater I cant help it lol . But it has also been around for years .

ARod:Hay Dios…que nombre.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Roots Crash

Late Wednesday night (Thursday morn):

The Roots band members were all sound asleep in their double decker tour bus when the entire bus does a 360 and lands on top of a bus. It's crazy how God just manages to watch over you sometimes.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Ahmir (Questlove) blogged about it.

Crazy story.

Here's a photo of what the wreckage looked like:

Thank God, everyone is ok and only ended up with minor scrapes, bumps and bruises.


The Witty things that come along when you have a name like mine

I did not want to put my real name out here, but hey what the heck. You actually won't know what my name is unless you know this language. I had to share this one of many funny moments. So on one of my social networking accounts I get this message :

man donbale doostaye irani too nyc migardam,
age comunity haee mishnasin ke betoonam ashna besham mishe behem moarefi koni?

 Of course I had no idea what language it was or what he was saying, but being that I usually get these kinds of messages all the time I answered : 

HUH ? Im Dominican

And from there it went on like this :

wow, intresting,
so you could understand what I had written ?

nope not at all

I see,
I just saw your profile and was interested to know more about you if you are interested,

sorry, I'm working and I'm kind of busy right now .

ok, let me know later on,

Case of a manicure gone WRONG

This is the reason why I  despise going to the around the way spots to get my manicure. How the hell is it that I just got my manicure on Sunday and my nail polish is already chipping. I purposely buy my own Essie nail polish in case I feel too lazy to head into Manhattan and pay twice as much for a mani and pedi. Yeah , some hood spots just do not believe in using good quality nail polish , hence the $ 5 manicure. You do pay what you are getting for. If I had gone to my usual spot in Noho I would not have this problem and I would have also received my "complimentary" massage. My skin would also not be peeling right now because they understand the reason why I say to just push my cuticles back instead of telling me that I NEED to cut them. I am the dummy for agreeing , but that is not the point . The point it that next time I feel lazy I will not only have to bring my own nail polish . I will have to bring my own high quality under coat and top coat nail polishes as well. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PHEWWWW Catching a breather...

Between work , my personal life and my social life I have not been able to catch up . I have been in a bad mood for the past couple of days and have also not been inspired to write anything . Well now I am in a much better mood and a little inspired . Except that I do not have timeto write anything because I have to run into a meeting soon. Therefore you would have to wait until I get my ass home after work, eat something , do chores, pick out what to wear tomorrow, and finally sit at my desk or my bed for you to read something written by me. While you wait you can read some of Angela's stuff written below and I can give you something to think about . What do you think about the case of the eight year old boy from Arizona who is accused of killing his dad and another person ? Do you think the fact that authorities  interrogated him without a lawyer or guardian present led him to say that he did it ? Do you think he did it?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prop 8

What gives someone the right to oppose the union of two people who love each other?

That shit is just fucked up.

To actually put that in the constitution that two people cannot get married because they're the same sex? Give me a fucking break!

What does it matter to anyone else in this world if two people who usually don't bother anyone get married ??

Shit is just wrong.


What ever happened to supporting love?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Donald trump on the ECONOMY, OBAMA , BUSH and REAL ESTATE

This morning I became a fan of Donald Trump when I heard him speak about Bush on NY1. One of the things he said was,
" Bush has been so bad, maybe the worst president in the history of this country."
I tried posting the video but it doesn't have an HTML code . You could watch the NY1 video by clicking on the link above. I found this instead:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHOA !!!!!

I am exhausted . So exhausted that instead of clicking on "New Post" I clicked on " next post" instead and got weirded out when some other blog showed up on my screen. Exactly. I tend to do the dumbest shit when I am tired. I would like to keep writing more post and longer post but I can't stay up any longer . I will write something tomorrow , I promise. Hopefully there is something interesting to write about . WAIT , hold on before I go to bed and wake up tomorrow and forget about what I wanted to write about today. I have been watching the news all day while at work today. I must say there were some pretty intersting current events that stood out. They spoke about everything EXCEPT same sex marriage in CT.
So apparently there have been cases of pirates hijacking merchant ships. WTF ? I did not even know pirates still exhisted. Like how the hell does that happen ? (YAWN ) A Turkish ship had been hijacked today . I tell my homeboy who is my best source for current events, and he's like "Yeah. It's been going on alot lately." Where the hell have I been ? PIRATES ? How did I miss that ? According to this article there have been 60 cases the first 9 months of this year . Wow , that is a lot .
Something else I missed was the school collapse in Haiti less than a week ago . There was another one today in Haiti again. While children were in school. Another WTF ? Two in less then a week? I would do a little research if I wasn't so tired. I will look into it tomorrow. My question is , are there any regulations on the conditions of these schools?
Besides listening to the news I was sucked into a conversation between two of a few of my closest guy friends today . They were both in deisagreement and wanted a girl's point of view ... ME . One of the guys had this idea that (i dont remember exactly how he said it , because I cant remember much right now , but I will try my best ) a wife is a permanent booty call . Now 2 out of three of us disagreed with this statement.
My thoughts on this statement is as follows:
I don't agree. I believe a booty call is someone you just have sex with . No conversations, no hangingout, just sex and you both go your seperate ways. Marriage has a lot more to that. If Marriage was like a booty call , what is the point of being husband and wife ?
What do you think ?

Exhibit Alert :

Where : The American Museum of Natural History
What: Climate Change: The threat to life and a new energy future .


Same Sex Marriage LEGAL in Connecticut !!!!!

Is This Normal?

It is true that I am in college. It is also true that on top of being a full time student I also work 32 hours a week. And I've only had this schedule for about two or three weeks now....but I'm exhausted. Homework, projects, papers, and work on top of having a making me crazy. I just need to know if this is normal. If people have been through this before or if I am stretching myself too thin.

Because I don't know anymore. But I'm tired. And my body hurts. Blah.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Terry Richardson - My New Obsession

I was at my friend Lena's house the other night working on our group presentation about sub-cultures and their influence on fashion. Obviously we chose to write about hipsters and the different classifications that make them just so darn interesting. That's besides the point.

She had this textbook filled with photographs. At first glance it looked like a raunchy porn magazine with glossy pages, minimal backgrounds and a close up of p*ssy and ass like you wouldn't believe. Kind of what an American Apparel funded Porn Mag would look like had the President (Dov Charney) finally realize his obsession with T&A. And this is not like shaved, pretty p*ssy. I'm talking about three week old p*ssy; wrinkled p*ssy; and any other kind of (realistic) p*ssy that you could think of.

The shit is that (however raunchy [- and i mean raunchy... i.e.- dude literally has photos of himself getting his dick sucked while sitting at his desk...]) it maintains the quality to This book (appropriately titled "Terrysworld") has page after page of dick sucking, sword fighting, tounge licking, p*ssy having ART.

Not to mention this guy is like...famous! I mean, I dont know about you people but I've never heard of him before...I guess that's not saying much but, whatever. He took the album art photo for Justin Timberlakes "FutureSexLoveSounds", and has numerous celebs that have posed for him (i.e. - pharrell williams, the entire "jackass" crew, Amy Winehouse, Ashely [or Mary Kate - who can ever tell?] Olsen, Leonardo DiCaprio, ... I mean the list goes ON!) Not to mention, my ALL TIME FAVORITE PERSON RIGHT NOW: BARACK OBAMA...I mean, c'mon...that's gotta say SOMETHING!

Here are some photos from his website:

I heart blondie

Get them while they are hot !

As I was on my way to a meeting this afternoon , I passed a news stand and saw two hanging copies of the Obama Times magazines . " Those will be great gifts , I'll get them when I come back ," I thought to myself. The meeting was done and I headed back to my office. Yes, I forgot that I was supposed to purchase at least one of those magazines. After work I headed to the news stand and the magazines were GONE ! I headed to Borders. DUDE, this girl took the last four copies right in front of my face. Yeah , just like that. Grrrrrrr. I got a little pissed off , just like I did when that girl took the last size 2 grey jacket at H&M knowing damn well she didn't fit in it.
I settled for the last two People magazines. I am pretty sure I will find the Times somewhere in the most random magazine store. Therefore I will not stop searching. Any magazine with Obama on the cover or any newspaper from 11/5/08 is the hottest gift for Xmas 2008. I am not kidding. Some people are keeping them to save and cherish and others are selling them on Ebay already. Uh YEah , Ebay Madness has hit again. Last year the Anya Hindmarch bags and this year anything with Obama on it . It brings tears of joy to my eyes .
I searched ebay for the New York times highest bid and here it is people. $500 for 15 unread New York Times. So again , I advise to get them now before you get desperate enough to pay a couple of thousands in a few years from now.
Get ready for this one : Barack Obama Signed Rolling Stone Magazine $1,390.00.

We will not be ashamed ...

I was just laying on the sofa catching up on some episodes of my favorite shows via DVR when this commercial came on :

LMFAO. Again, I must say I'm probably really late with this one but I had to post this up. I had to laugh cause me and my friends have jokes about the walk of shame all the time. Oh, stop being judgmental. If you haven't had a walk of shame , you certainly have to live life a little more.

80/20 rule is so true ....

Check out this article ... 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Online Sales

I always shop online just because it is easier and more organized . The sale sections are the best . You won't believe the things I find. The con to shopping the sales is that I usually  can't find my size. This post might be the start of new category of posts , "It's on sale but it doesn't fit me and I think you should get it because it is such a great deal ." What do you think about that ? I personally think it's a FabFuckinFabulous idea .  So here are some sale items and their sizes. First stop : Karmaloop

The Franco Dress / 15.95 / Large 

The Jarmon Jacket /22.95/ Large 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Video Heaven ...

MTV now has a site just for Videos !!!!! They have made it so much easier . 

When I was a lil girl ...

these girls were my idols . I am going back to my Dominican heritage right now . I am pretty sure every Dominican girl wanted to be a Chica Del Can . Their lyrics were awesome . Any girl in her twenties can relate to their up beat music . I mean they aren't no Omega or Sulheto , but these chics were the shit back in the 80's and 90's. In my next life other than being a DJ , becoming a member of an all women band sounds like a hot idea . Here a couple of their songs (not the official myspace page). Check out their fab 80's hair and outfits .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sequel is Confirmed !!!!

HOT/ NEW Colabo ...

MadeMe clothing and Natalie of Nina Sky Check it...

Cellllllebrate Tooooonight ....

and the night after and after and after . Americans are not the only one's in good spirit . Here are some pics from around the world . I am missing in action . Hopefully by this weekend or the following I will be able to party it up with you people. I must admit I still cry when I read the newspapers . Obama has certainly made Americans and the people of the world  happier .

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We did it ! We did it ! We voted and Obama won !!!!!! This is such a great feeling . I feel like I won the lottery and more . If it wasn't for me not feeling well I would def be jumping up and down on my bed !!!!! 

Sales !!!!