Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Not-So-Happy Blog

I'm sitting in my office right now, just having finished a conversation with my co-worker about the current situation of our economy.

He's been working in the denim business for as long as I've been born and is in fear that his new denim brand won't succeed. And worse, if it doesn't, he has no confidence that his reputation in the garment business will secure him with a job elsewhere due to the current standing that our economy is in. He feels like he'll have to get a job in another field, or worse, a job with lesser responsibilities which will ultimately lead to a smaller salary.

Now I'm thinking about what will happen if (and when)I graduate and can't get a job in the "fashion" industry or something similar.

We're currently in a GLOBAL recession. People are struggling now more than ever. It hasn't been this bad in 40 years.

My only hope is that once Obama wins the election (willingly, granted opinions don't change about him in the next seven days) things will change. And then after that happens...how long will it take for this crisis to be turned around?

Oey Vey.
Ay Dios Mio.
Oh Brother.

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