Monday, October 27, 2008

My mind is scattered right now...

Watching the news, chatting on i chat and snooping around J Hud's myspace page. I stopped by her sister's and brother's page too. This whole shit is just crazy sad . I am so close to crying right now. The night time news just announces violence after violence after violence . I was just explaining to someone  how I wish things were done to lower crime rates . He must have thought I was crazy cause I went on a tangent. Is there really more we can do? If so where do we start ? If someone has symptoms of a murderer why can't they be evaluated and put away some where ? I am probably not making sense. My mind is just scattered right now . At the age of 24 I still don't understand why someone would feel that they have the right to take someone's life away. Yes, I understand , we are all supposed to die, but why should some of us die in such horrible ways?

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