Friday, March 2, 2012

New Blog ...

Hey everyone ! Sorry for the lack of posts. I have fell out of love with the Buzygurl blog because it did not fit too well with my long term goals. I have decided to retire this blog. My blogging days are not over, I have decided to start fresh with a blog called Live. Love. Hustle. This blog is to be of more quality. I could have started brand new on this blog but I just wanted a clear canvas and to start all over. Sometimes you have to do that in order to perform stronger.
At this moment the blog is not completely finished . It's just a little sneak peak of what is to come. I rather give you something to continue reading than to completely neglect you. This  blog will be used to help me balance my life and also show my readers how you can have all three. So this is just farewell on this blog... see you soon on Live.Love.Hustle. Dont forget to follow the blog and social networking links!