Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some of you might be saying Farewell to MTV

If Volcom does not reach a deal by midnight , Timewarner customers might have to say Adios to MTV , Comedy Central and 18 other networks . Yes Manhattan, you are screwed . While Timewarner is thinking about removing channels, Cablevision is adding more.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Why Women shouldn't say "I love you" first

I just finished reading or shall I say skimming because my attention span is really short right now, this article on CNN. I would like to add my own opinions . I have to admit I have said "I love you " first but not on some I'm in love shit . More like , I love him for the person he is and I'm grateful to have him in my life. Now telling a dude I'm in love with him, is a whole 'nother story. I don't think I will ever be able to say those words first. I have told someone in the past , I really like you and want to be only with you ... and here I am single and there he is with the next chick. BARF! . To make a long story short, it was not good on my heart. So I rather take my feelings to the grave when I feel strongly about a guy unless he tells me or shows me how he feels first. I am the worst. I will deny my feelings to the fullest extent just so that I won't get hurt again, but like I said it just depends on the dude.
Now on proposing marriage? ummmm no not in this life time. I am not the girl to bring up babies and marriage. I don't really believe in the whole marriage thing , just maybe a teeny bit. I just won't get married to just any guy, especially the guy who never mentions marriage. To be on the safe side , I'll wait until whoever it is mentions it.


This commercial made me even more proud of my Latina heritage and my accent lol. Big up to Patty and Reph in Pelea. LMFAO @ "Ta' To'" and "don't take it personally."

Praise the Retail Gods

Gilt and Hautelook are now my favorite places to shop for high end stuff. Ever since I was introduced I haven't shopped at Bloomies since. Well that and when I went to buy some gifts and just did not feel the need to go in when I noticed that their holiday windows had no people of color. Anywho, I can't help but keep saying that that times are hard . Why pay full price for things when you can get up to 90% off designer clothing, bags and accesories? Come on now , that's like free ! In order to shop these sales you must be invited by a member. Feel free to drop me and email if you want an invitation.

Must Have

You can now order Hayden-Harnett for Target pieces. I heart Hayden-Harnett . I also heart this umbrella. I just invested in a good one too, but a girl could never have enough cute umbrellas.

Cute x mas wrapping paper ...

I am a little late but MERRY XMAS !!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

NYE 2009

What with Christmas almost here...the next big thing is New Years Eve.

Such a scary thing - we're almost 10 years into 2000.

Buying the right sure you stay warm while completing the perfect NYE look is soooo essential. is a great website for the "little black dress" along with that sequence dress that you tell everyone you loathe but secretly love....

get drunk (possibly laid) and have a happy national hangover day January 1st. :)


C'mon People...Let's get it together.

lmao  thedailywhat:  Lunch Links: - Volvo said to be working on accident-proof car that steers itself through traffic. - A Touch Of The Wiis: Playing Wii games puts 10 Brits a week in hospital. - Scientific journal orders article writers to create Wikipedia page for their findings. (via.) - Pretty Accurate Quality Of Life Index: Detroit inmates want to stay in jail. (via.) - Kidnapping prevention expert kidnapped in Mexico. (via.) - Gentile sets latke speed-eating world record. - Lunch List: The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body. [photo via.]

Blast Knuckles - HUH??!

thedailywhat:  Things That Are Real: Blast Knuckles. High-traction rubber knuckles with a built-in taser that delivers a 950,000V shock. For when you want to rough up your attacker a bit before you smother his heart with enough electricity to take down an adult T-rex. [via.]

This is real. This is not a joke. Yes - you can kill your attacker with 950,000V (enough volts to kill me and you...your momma and your cousin too...)

And for the record - 950,000V is a whole hell of a lot of volts people. I can picture the kids in my neighborhood now..."Mommy...I know what I want for christmas!" *sigh*

Obama - Got Damn!!

wow. this is my president? shhhhaawwinnnnggggggg!

Wow - B. Obama is one good looking fellow. The Kennedy of our generation? I think so!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today !

If you are from the BRONX ...

I was just inspired to write this post after reading a post on O.M.O Writes. I have recently found out that she lives uptown as well . I get excited when I see trendy girls heading or coming from the Bronx. When trendy girls get on the train , they get grilled as if they are from another planet. I came to realize that it also depends on the time you ride the subway. If it's the afternoon , any money bet you would have a shit load of these chicks. Most of these chicks are hoodrats who swear up and down that they are the shit and you are the scum of the earth because you are not wearing the same color from head to toe. Tell me it's not the truth. These chicks match shoes, belt, hat, t shirt , bag, to the T. When they shop, they shop for each occasion and never seem to have clothes when needed . Ummmm Hellllllooo ! If they knew how to rock their clothes right and be more versatile they would get more wear out of them.
These chicks lack personal style. They lack creativity because they base their style on how many girls are wearing a trend . If they see one girl wearing something a certain way, they would not try it until they see twenty of their friends wearing it like months or even years later. They don't understand that the girl they grill on the train is the girl who is ahead of her game. She is the girl who hangs outside of The Bronx and is constantly educating herself with no care about what anyone thinks. She is the girl who gets ten steps ahead while the girl that is just getting into flat boots only takes half a step towards making a life for herself .
My point is that some Bronx chicks just need to start thinking out of the box. I am not just talking fashion , I am talking about mannerism, art , music, food. There is a whole 'nother world outside of The Bronx. They should look into it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

OMG too cute !

awwwwwww of the day ...

Hail Muntador Al- Zaidi

US of A




The Philippines

Dear Santa,

I have not made a x-mas list in years. With all this free time I figured I'll make one. Here it goes :
Of course the ring never get's left behind :

I can't front , I'm a hoodie girl:

I always need a pack of playing cards @ home :
This never made it under the tree , I've been waiting for 15 years (minus the man ) Do you think I watch the Santa Claus movie too much?

Love me some Dave ....

I've been really good I swear !

Your home girl here needs to learn how to cook:

This Specific Obama T-shirt . Yes Santa, I fell in love again.

What's going on here?


People are reading my blog like Crazy . Thank you ! Thank you! Love you all !

What I am reading now :

Every time I start reading , I can't seem to put it down.

"I have a headache right here"

As I point to the middle of my forehead I came to the realization that I have not had a headache like this in so long . Well maybe not since last week, but that was caused by all the cigarette smoking that was going on around me . This time it's stress. As much as I am telling myself that everything is going to be alright and that I am "good money", as a friend of mine would say. I am worried shitless about not knowing what my next move will be . Times are crazzzzzzy out there and it scares me . I mean things could be worst. Thank goodness I didn't take the apartment I was interested in, I would have been in deep shit if in a couple of months I am still unemployed or not making the right amount of money. I have food on my table, a bed to sleep in at home and elsewhere when I need to, family and friends that support me and look out for me , the lovely bag that I got myself for my 25th bday. All of these things are things that I am grateful for.

Then why am I feeling this way? This is totally not the kind of person I am . I am the girl who celebrates when things go bad because I know that for every bad always comes a really good thing. I have been living like this for a couple of months hence the headache I haven't had in months . Why can't I live like this now? Why am I thinking negative ? Thinking negative is like committing a sin for me . I have trained and worked hard at thinking positive every second of my life, I can not allow for that hard work to go down the drain .

I call thinking positive hard work because it is a challenge when all around you there are negative things . You turn on the news and there is all this talk about how the economy is getting worse, terrorist are plotting again , and people are being massed murdered. You have that friend that complains about everything . You love her to death but you know it clogs your aura so you try your best to stay away and love her from afar . You have those people that are always mad at the world and are ready to bring anyone down with them . Ugh those damn haters . I can't be influenced , I just can't.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last minute Crunch

How many of you have finished your shopping ? Honestly I haven't done shit and I always wait till last minute. I am going to hit up the Cubannie Links and Made Me shopping event on Tuesday to get some stuff for my sisters. You should come through !

Tory Burch Sample Sale

One of my bestie's went to shop the sale and this is the location ....

What I think about the MTA ...

I think that they are all on crack . While most of their workers are getting paid a whole lot of money for a whole lot of nothing they are really raising them prices . What happens to the people like me that get laid off and have to head into the city for interviews ? So many people are getting laid off , raising transit prices is just going to suck . On top of raising prices they want to cut some late night services . UMMMMMM HELLLLLLLO some people work grave yard hours. Are they just trying to fuck NYC over. Their service is bad as it is . Why is it that a 45 minute trip takes me up to an hour and half sometimes because of "signal problems"? MTA needs to cut the bullshit. What will they do if we go on strike against us? They need us and they need to come to that realization . Without us they aren't shit !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I found this randomly :

By Stones throw :

Tis the season for Holiday Windows...

Sometime last week , when it was warm out, I took a walk from 39th to 59th all by myself and just started taking pictures . Here are a few of them:

Bloomingdales - I was pretty upset with this one because all of the characters we're white and I was glad not to be the only one that noticed. I refused to go buy anything in there.


Henri Bendel had cute little gifts $60 and under :

Miu Miu and Prada :

Cartier :

Windows at Saks. The green dress was my favorite. BTW I went in there and the place looks like Marshalls. I freakin' mess. Not a good look:

Rockefeller Center from across the street . I was not about to put my self in danger for walking towards the tourists:

Lights going up on 5th avenue :

Bryant Park Skating Rink:

Hey Procrastinators !

With X mas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa right across the street , I bet some of you have not done your shopping . December 18th is recognized as free shipping day. All Participating stores will be able to deliver just in time for the holidays.

Sample Sale Alert


Bad News

Hey People ,
So I got laid off again for the second time this year. UGH the economy just sucks . I have been a little bummed for the past two days . I am now looking at the positive side to this. I finally have the time to start something on my own. I figure I could just chill till the beginning of next year and start fresh 2009. I have a VERY good feeling about 2009 and I am never wrong about my feelings. So right now I am a little anti- social . Please forgive me if I tell you I am coming out and never show up . I am just in a weird mood where I just want to really get my shit together and not have to depend on someone else so that it can happen . I am not saying that I have always depended on other people, I am saying that I don't want to depend on someone I am working for so that I can make a decent living . It won't happen today , but with a little hard work it will happen sooner rather than never. I just can't go through this shit again without having something to fall back on . With the economy like this I need to be ready for anything . I hope those of you who have gotten laid off are getting inspired just by reading this. Times are hard and they won't change unless you try to change it yourself.

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Year's Eve Run Down

Ummmm Hello! If you go anywhere else thats charging $200 for open bar til 2am and open til 4am YOU ARE BUGGIN' . This Party is only $100 open bar til 4am and open til 7am PLUS 3 burlesque shows. You can't beat that. Call 646 667 4691 to get your ticket today . They are going VERY quickly. Like I said , you can't get a better deal during these hard times , don't let this opportunity pass you by ! 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is kind of messed up

But I am so not feeling men right now. This is a convo that is going on through aim as I copy and paste:

Him: hey
Me: Hey Hey
Him : What you up to
Me: Working
Him: Word that's what's up
Me: Im sleepy lol
Him : awww
Him: I would give you a massage but you don't want me to so I guess
Me: I hate when guys say that
Him: olol
Me: You guys all say that shit
Him : Im joking though
Me:Think of something new
Him: I would give you one if you were next to me
Me: Oh God
Him : People say I give good massages
Him: Its what I do best
Him: I did take a course in it
Him: How about I would love to cuddle with you
Him: Sweatpants
Him: Confy baggy T
Him: Comfy
Him: lol
Him: movie and pop corn
Me: How about you would like to take me to a nice restuarant?
Him: While spooning
Him: Your right
Me: havent heard that one yet
Him: French or Italian
Me: Italian
Him: Red or white
Me: wine?
Him: no
Him : my shirt
Him: of course wine
Me: lol red
Him: How about a vina borgia circa 2005 or 2004
Him : those were good years
Him : or are you a bordeaux kinda girl
Me: did you google that ?

10 minutes later :

Him: thats fine
Him: and no
Him: i was looking for the bottle in my wine cellar
Me: lol ok if you say so
Him: ok
Him: well
Him : i guess ill talk to you some other time
Him:by the way you never answered my question
Me: what question
Him: or are you a bordeaux kinda girl
Him: by the way you never sent me the pix from that night
Me: Dude I dont have a wine cellar so i dont know about wine off the top of my head
Him: ok its the difference between a darker heavier tartier wine
Me: its either pinot noir or pino g.
Him: and a light fruity
Him: pino g is a white
Me: I know its a white
Him: oh im sorry
Me: its what I drink when i choose white
Him: oh
Him: you should try a Charmy white wine
Him: Charmy has had great success in the Wine world lately
Him: their a domestic wine
Me: Tru
Him: very well crafted and aged
Me: what are you doing right now i would love to go see your wine cellar
Him: really you would?
Me: yeah right now
Me:its raining why not
Him: well i have a paper due tuesday that im finishing up on ______(blank to protect his identity)
HIM: and i have a test i have to take before noon tomorow that i have to submit and im on the short answers that are kicking my ass
Me: DARN it I really wanted to go see the wine cellar and get that massage
Him: oh really
Him: maybe ill grab a bottle one of these days and we share it together
have a private wine tasting
Him: are you messing with me or being honest?
Me: what do you think ?
Him: your messing with me?
(He sends me a naked photo)
Him: Hold on to that
( I dont answer)
Him : Is everything ok ?
Me: Sorry I had to re collect myself but I am still wondering why this picture is relevant to our conversation
Him : its not
Him: hah
Him: lol
Him: i just wanted to see what you would say
Him: and i got the answer right
Him: awkward
Him: ill talk to you muahz later
Him: gove me a call if your bored thats if you still have my #


Ever been so tired that you just become silly and you laugh and laugh and laugh at the dumbest things? LOL that's me right now . I have been on the phone with one of my girls from the time i was on the train to about an hour ago. She's drunk and I'm tired. Perfect combination needed to crack the best jokes. OH man we had JOKES . We even put some up as our status on myspace and facebook. After all the joking around I had to get back to working.
I got home about an hour and a half ago (that's it?) from one of the longest days at work. Not long as in bad long. Long as in it was a very productive day and I got a lot of stuff done. I have officially become someone who is in love with her job. When 6pm hits I am not running to get the hell out of there . I work in a pretty cool environment and everyday I am thankful for having a job that was meant for me. If I were to tell you the story of how I got this job you would def say the same. I would say 2 out of three jobs after college were meant for me . The one in between , I have no idea what the reason for that one was.
Today while chatting with one of my closest friends we came up with a good business idea . We had the concept from a few months back but today we really shot some ideas out there. SOOOO great and exciting that I can't even go to sleep right now . I need to brainstorm and do some more research . I have a good feeling about this .
P.S. For the record , I might be seen at many parties , and it may seem like all I do is party but I am more than just a pretty party girl . You watch and see .

Got laid off ? No problem ...

Seems like people are now making a living off You Tube videos. Yeah, you heard right. You Tube videos. The same way people have started making a living from blogging (except me ). In You Tube's case they include advertisements within or around the video. You see, I was wondering why the hell those advertisements were there and who was getting paid for it . It all makes sense now. If you have what it takes to become the next You Tube big shot I suggest you do it !  

WInter Wonderland in MISSISSIPPI

It hasn't snowed in Mississippi on December 11th since the 1800's . Pretty cool eh?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GIrls Learn to follow your intuition

Here I am late, well not really just late writing this post. We have all heard of the girl who went missing from Marque last Wednesday. This just gives me the creeps. I am always out and about . I am always cautious of my surroundings because I am a paranoid bitch. I am not paranoid for no reason . I am paranoid because I have been in situations that would have probably ended up like this one if I was not aware of what was happening . I have also learned not to be fooled by any young good looking men. I will share one of the stories with you. 
In February of this year I was on the train heading back home around  11 pm one night. It wasn't even that late compared to the later times I am used to taking the train. I was feeling sick because I had ate a Mc Chicken sandwich and drank red bull at some event right after.  I was on the phone and there were two young guys (late twenties or early thirties ) sitting across from me having a conversation. One of the guys kept staring at me , he did not take his eyes off me for a second. Had I been just another pretty girl , I would have thought he was checking me out . I seriously don't feel comfortable when a man I don't know looks at me a certain way or says something unacceptable. In this case it was only looking. I just felt creeped out. 
Though I seemed as if I was distracted by my phone, the truth was I was that I was paying attention to everything around me including the guy. I even heard when he answered his friend when asked what stop he was getting off. It's amazing how the mind works when you are scared. In  a regular situation I would have not been paying attention , cause I never pay attention when I feel safe . His boy got off the train. The dude kept staring at me and this time he was moving uncomfortably in his seat , definitely a sign that something was wrong with me . Let me just tell you that the train was fairly packed and no one else noticed. 
His stop came and he did not get off . That is when I freaked out a little and I just started running my mind. I decided to act as if I were getting off the train just to see if he would too . I walked to the door and stepped out when the doors opened. He did the same. I stepped back in the car and he did the same . Thats when I really got scared and started dialing a cab to pick me up  from the train station , I explained the situation and he worked with me . I started talking to a lady that was standing next to me. She saw what I was talking about and kept talking to me . I got out of the train and so did he. I started talking to a guy (who didnt freak me out at all ) and told him what was going on . He was in disbelief of course. I told him to just watch while the guy leaves the station with me and then he can go his merry way. 
We watched the guy leave. As I was walking through the turnstile with the guy the Dude came back in and swiped his card. He saw me and came back out. This was super scary cause he was not giving up. The guy I was speaking with walked me to the cab and told the cab driver to take me home but to go a different direction . I looked out and the creep was still watching me . Needless to say I got home safe that night, a little shaken up but safe. 
I would never forget what he looks like. I should of called the cops but I seriously thought they weren't going to get there faster than the cab. Sad but true in my neck of the woods. 
So girls , please pay attention to your surroundings and your intuition. When something feels wrong , then most likely it is wrong and don't go against that feeling .