Saturday, January 31, 2009

El Blog de hoy.

I spotted the DVD to this movie at my friend's apartment a while ago. Never got around to watch it. I watched a bit of it on netflix this afternoon but due to technical difficulties , I now have to wait for it to be mailed. I can't wait to finish watching it ! Check out Premium directed by Pete Chapman .

Endless Noise Bracelet

Check out The Wait on

Hey everyone,

I completed my documentary this past summer, check it out on, add your vote and some comments so it can be featured on CurrentTV's television channel. We're almost there! It's already on their homepage here and the UK.

Thanks for the love,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ummmm and they need support why?

Growing up my mom and dad taught me to never depend on a man's money, to always have my own. That was just in case a man was to ever leave me , I'll have something to stand on. Now at times of recession, the same rule applies. The only difference is that no one has walked out of the relationship, but he has lost his jobs. I spotted this article in the New York Times. These women have started a support group along with a blog (which i refuse to follow because its pitiful and I have other important things to attend to ex. making my own money). You are only invited “if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life.” HA HA HA . Exactly. There are people sleeping on the streets and they are worried about thier allowance and bottle service that they have never paid for with their own $$. Damn fools .

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the "Lab"

My room is officially my "lab" . This is what it looks like when I am working on my bags, jewelery and now headbands. My room is where all my inspirations come together . I know most of you are hustling from home . What does your lab look like and what do you do ? Send me pics!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BE Back soon !

I am running some errands , I will be back later ! Please don't feel neglected !

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tonight !

I am promoting at Talay . Come through & say Iran @ the door. Guaranteed fun !

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spreading the Faith by Sword ...

is the new single by Solomon Cortes. Solomon's music is out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary in a superb way. There is no other with his sound and fashion style out there. You need to get up on him quick! Solomon is one of my favorite performers. As many times as I have seen him and his band get on stage I never get tired of their kick ass performance ( and missy over here gets bored pretty fast). Check him ! Stay tuned for March 1st when all 5 new songs will be available for purchase on itunes worldwide !

solomon cortes

El Blog de hoy.

You may have noticed the pattern. I read blogs daily and I make a point to link you to what I think is the most interesting one that day when I have the chance. I feel that everyone has something interesting to say about something. You my friend, should check out what they have to say regardless of who they are or are not. I decided to call it something . El Blog de Hoy was the most creative thing I can come up with right now. I am tired , on 3 hours of sleep but I have to do what I have to do. Unfortunately the human brain can not function to it's fullest potential when the body and mind have only had 3 hours of sleep and have been active for 18 hours as of now. Here is today's post on El Blog de Hoy:

Yesterday while I was in my productive zone on facebook. Smh. Ok OK OK . I was in my procrastination mode. I noticed this status:if you were born in 1983 or LATER, you should NOT be getting married. DONE . You know I had to comment and tell her to blog about it. Check out I wanna do Mel.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just before 7am today

I opened up my store. It's not perfect right now , I just had to get something up . Check it .


I am a little late but I can't explain how I feel today. Actually I can. I am filled with joy. My eyes have been tearing all day, I keep smiling. Everything feels "good money" right now. I am kind of upset for missing the swearing in and the speech this afternoon because I slept through it. I kept tossing and turning last night because I was so excited . It felt like Xmas eve. By the time I went to sleep it was nearly 7am. Thanks to you tube I watched it and cried my eyes out. It's such a proud moment. I was alone for most of the day. Most of my joy was conveyed through face book and twitter updates. When I finally had human contact while still watching the live updates I was asked "why do you keep crying?" To my dissapointment the reality was that not all people feel the way I do. What a shame. My parents came home and sat infront of the TV. Right away , I knew that they too felt the same as I. My parents and my surroundings have raised me right."... A parents willingness to nurture a child that finally decides our fate." Here is the great speech.

Monday, January 19, 2009

In my zone,

Happy MLK day ! While most of you were out partying , I was here having my own party working on some stuff. I was inspired and decided to create my own logo for Endless Noise. Tell me what you think.
Time for me to snooze. Night Night !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

When you copy it's all down hill from there

Just finished reading The Fashion Bomb. It just so happens that the Simmons sisters are being accused of replicating some of the Johnny cupcakes T shirt line. Check out the story on The Fashion Bomb. BTW I was actually checking out the comments to the post. Seems like a lot of girls are not loving Daddy's Girls.
I haven't been loving it either. It does seem very fake and acted out. Those girls are doing their thing BUT they need to be real and stop being so materialistic. I feel like the show just focuses on shopping , boys and stupidity. What about their business? I was expecting more of the Run's House vibe. Once again I can't wait for the day when MTV decides to run a reality show about real people with real struggles of everyday life. Made and true life do not count. How about turning a true life episode into a reality show?

I heart this song

Thursday, January 15, 2009

NEW Aventura video !

I wish ...

I could stay in this warm and toasty apartment to keep blogging right now , but i have to hustle. Stay tuned when I come back...

DiD you know ?

My phone has been shutting off and getting all crazy on me. I took it to that place on 149th and 3rd (BX ) so that they can save it. Yeah, the place that has that silly commercial on TV. So I learned something cool and wanted to share.

If you attempt to spin the battery and it spins, the battery is messed up and you need to get a new one. Try Spinning an old one and a new one. Pretty cool eh?

The Showoff

I'm at this event the other night hanging out with a group of girls.
"I hate it when men have jewelery. I hate it more when men have all their jewelery on one arm and ONLY use that arm for everything."
That was one of the girls. I did not realize who she was talking about until I saw the dude with the button down and a gold chain hanging from his neck. I mean to each it's own, but you can clearly tell when a dude is showing off his chain. They make it so obvious. He passed his jacket to one of the girls using his heavily decorated hand. I thought she knew him, turned out she did not and she just threw the jacket on to the seat.
Mr. T kept trying to dance with us. We would all do the "stop when you see someone you don't like dancing toward you " move. Of course he did not get it and kept on. We finally left.
Oh no, the story is not over yet. We head to this other spot like a few hours later. I spot the dude from the side of my eye. "OH NO ! " I thought. He freakin' walked his way over to me and grabbed my hand to pull me out to dance. "NO!" I said as I pulled my hand away. He turned around and walked away. I did not feel bad at all . How dare he come touch me. That's a big no. You don't know me don't grab me simple as that. Who the hell did he think he was?
The Story still does not end. The dude came again . This time behind the booth I was sitting in and asked me if I thought I was too good. " No , I'm not that kind of person. You are just rude. How dare you come to someone's table and attempt to a pull a girl out not even knowing what the situation is. I could be dating someone at this table. (of course I wasn't dating anyone , but what if I was? GOSH!)." He did not let me finish, he said " Oh please! He has a bottle of Sky Vodka ( i really don't remember what the vodka he said was but who cares?). "
I just laughed . It's amazing how some dudes think that pretty girls are gold diggers. He's dead wrong.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Let's Play Dress up"

This one was a lot of fun. Kaitlin was a natural. Big ups to Marlyn for letting us use her apartment and Renesha Yusuff for her fabulous work!

Styling gigs

Most of you don't know , but I also style from time to time. I've never put my work out there like that . I have decided to use my blog to show you some of my stuff . I will link Photography and makeup and big up all those who took part. So here's one I did over the summer. Big ups to Maximo and PNB Photography!

My Ideal Man ...

I spotted this pic on Missbehave. It's funny, just last night in a cab (all my stories about last night took place in a cab lol) I was watching the TV and Obama was on the screen . The TV was on mute and the cabbie had hit radio on blast. I didn't know what was being said about Obama but I do know that that was the moment I realized that he is the kind of man I would like to have one day for the rest of my life. Michelle is a very lucky woman. I know a lot of girls have been crushing on Obama. Do you feel like men have higher standards to comply with now that we are crushing on Obama?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


As I sat here watching Sex and the City season 4, I decided to check out celebrity news. I haven't really been following for a few months. You could only imagine the shock when I read these words : "Parker and Broderick Ready To Split, Tabloid Reports". WTF is going on ?

Everyone deserves ...

You aren't getting all of the below? Leave the dude alone and move the fuck on . His fucking lost. He obviously does not know what a true blessing is. 09 ! Out with the old in with that new new ;o).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oakland Riot 1/7/09

"The Ring"

You guys already know how I feel about the whole wedding thing and the ring thing .... Blah Blah Blah. I just thought these were cool and not so expensive. They're so cool, I'll marry myself and wear both on that special finger. (Found this on Highsnobette this morning) .


Some inspirational words from the Intenders of the Highest Good :

When we are able to firmly hold a picture in our mind of that which we intend to create, and we reject any ideas that would interfere with that image coming to us, we are well on our way to becoming a Mighty Manifestor. We make the very best use of the wondrous tool that we call our imagination. For it is here, within the vast, infinite scope of our mind's eye that we can picture anything. We can envision things that will help us and further us along life's path, or we can envision dramas galore. Both are equally at our beck and call. If, however, we are to put our imagination to its highest and best use, we will need to hold fast to envisioning positive outcomes and trust that they are manifesting for us.

Another piece to add.

I heart American Apparel, but sometimes I feel like I can't shop there anymore cause I have a plastic storage box with over worn American Apparel stuff . I also feel that they should make new silhouettes , then I start to think , " They have everything , what else can they make, what would I need?" and of course I cant think of anything . I just found out that they now have coats. Very cool ones at that.

Another Farewell ...