Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why the stickers on my Mac ...

When I went to visit one of my brothers from another mother in Cali last spring , I became amused with how he sticks stickers on his lap top. Thanks to Rich I started doing the same . I immediately took the sticker I got from the Princess of the Posse launch party and placed it on mine. The sticker stood by it's lonesome until I stopped by the De La Vega store on my way to Drom one Tuesday night. The Artist himself gave me a sticker.

In the theater of life, you too will have your moment.

I had to stick it on too. I definitely know I will have my moment one day. It's a feeling I have always had . People tell me all the time . Not just people I know, Random people I just meet , and of course my psychic. I had to put my kid robot sticker up there. It's a little inside story no one knows and will ever know . I just put two more up to celebrate my new job ! You figure it out.

I am curious though . What do your lap tops look like . Send me a pic at I am serious .

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