Thursday, October 30, 2008


When someone is doing good I am always happy for them regardless of what it is. As long as it's something that I know they have the passion for and I know that they are doing it to accomplish something for themselves and not to show off, I support them 100%. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people hate on the good of others . I write about this all the time because it's something that bothers me and I need to get off my chest a lot of times. Another one of those things in life that I don't understand is how people waste their time and energy paying attention to what the next person is doing so that they can go ahead and do better . That is Lame ! When someone creates something good I applaud them and send more people to look at what was created. I don't go bashing their every move. It's just not right. I  feel like I am working hard at what I do and just like I work hard, I know the next person is working hard as well. Reality is that life is not easy. If you are walking around pretending that everything is easy CONGRATS you are officially a bullshitter. You have to bust your ass to reach ultimate goals. 
Envy causes people to sit on their sorry asses and complain about others . Envy often leads to misery and misery loves company. Unfortunately envy can dig you in a deeper hole if you don't stray away from it. If you feel that envy is taking over your life fight against it. Not easy? Think about it this way ... It's one of the 7 deadly sins. Getting rid of envy unclutters your aura and allows more positive things to enter your life so that you can do more than sit and pay attention to what ever other people are doing. 
I do what I do to do it for myself and my accomplishments  , not because the other person is doing it and I want to do it better  . I was not always like this. I admit that there was a time in my life when I was sitting pissed at the world because I didn't have what other people had . I let go and for the past couple of years things have been good, not always peaches and cream but good.  I put up some crazy myspace and face book messages and people wonder WTF is wrong with me. It's just a way I vent for the moment with a little humor behind it. Incase you didn't know , I make humor out of every situation just so that I won't allow negative shit to take over. See if it works for you. 
 If you want to waste your time and want to criticize my every move to try to make me look bad go ahead . Do what you have to do. It's life and I know that the truth is that not everyone knows how to get rid of the green monster. I have just learned on my own how to bounce it off me . In the long run whatever plans someone up there has made for me , will happen. No one can take that away. I don't know what my calling in life is but if it's meant for me to preach about life to make the world a better place then I'm going to keep doing it. 

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