Thursday, October 9, 2008

People are going Hungry in the City ...

and Olive Garden is throwing away food. I headed to Olive Garden the other night with one of my BFF's and her co-workers. We went for the Never Ending Pasta Bowl special. Yes. All you can eat pasta for 8.95. Starch fills me up really quick. There was no way I was going to eat more than one kind of pasta after eating the delicious bread sticks. So I held off ordering another one. One of the girls thought she would be able to eat a second plate, but after a few bites it did not happen. She asked the waitress if she can take the rest home. The waitress told us that we were not allowed to because it was a special. As she took all the plates away I realized that all that food could have fed atleast two hungry children. I was a little upset. My friends know that I always make a big deal out of wasting food. I mean , it's just not right. Why couldn't she take home the food when it was going into the garbage anyways. Yes, I did mention it to the waitress. I hope that everytime she throws away tons of food, she thinks about what I said and the people that are going hungry.

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