Thursday, October 9, 2008

BuzyGirls / BuzyGuys ... Listen Up!

It's party time...Oh! Oh it's parrrtty time. We're havin' a parrttyy......

So one of my chums at the Fashion Institute of Technology starts his job as a promoter for this new (or not so new?) place called BRANCH. It's hip, it's fun...and you're probably sick of hitting up the same old place weekend after weekend with your girls/guys. So why not try something new?

Take a break from your "Buzy" lives and sit down...have a drink....and party it up!

My amigo's name is Joe, and he does Saturday nights (I believe).

Here's a photo of what the place looks like:
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And here's Joe's info:


Jason J said...

There has been a lot of hype being tossed around about this branch party friday the 17th so I will fill everybody in. Branch is a room that has been around for a year or two but was closed for a while due to renovations BUTTT will reopen its doors this week involving new staff,new room design, and a whole new group of NYC quality promoters. Those include Coordinator Steve ferrari, who has been involved with parties for years, Joe M, who is well known and well liked around FIT and many other areas around the city, Sammy k from D.S.O and others. There is a lot of hype around this group whom is also involved with opening imperial the 25th of this month (the old discotech) for those that did not know. It would be good to know somebody to get in as there parties are built around a sexy city crowed. May even see a few fellow celebs like the boys from entourage. Contact your promoters involved because its going to be one wild night!

Angela said...

I'm going the night of the 25th. SOO excited!!