Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Showoff

I'm at this event the other night hanging out with a group of girls.
"I hate it when men have jewelery. I hate it more when men have all their jewelery on one arm and ONLY use that arm for everything."
That was one of the girls. I did not realize who she was talking about until I saw the dude with the button down and a gold chain hanging from his neck. I mean to each it's own, but you can clearly tell when a dude is showing off his chain. They make it so obvious. He passed his jacket to one of the girls using his heavily decorated hand. I thought she knew him, turned out she did not and she just threw the jacket on to the seat.
Mr. T kept trying to dance with us. We would all do the "stop when you see someone you don't like dancing toward you " move. Of course he did not get it and kept on. We finally left.
Oh no, the story is not over yet. We head to this other spot like a few hours later. I spot the dude from the side of my eye. "OH NO ! " I thought. He freakin' walked his way over to me and grabbed my hand to pull me out to dance. "NO!" I said as I pulled my hand away. He turned around and walked away. I did not feel bad at all . How dare he come touch me. That's a big no. You don't know me don't grab me simple as that. Who the hell did he think he was?
The Story still does not end. The dude came again . This time behind the booth I was sitting in and asked me if I thought I was too good. " No , I'm not that kind of person. You are just rude. How dare you come to someone's table and attempt to a pull a girl out not even knowing what the situation is. I could be dating someone at this table. (of course I wasn't dating anyone , but what if I was? GOSH!)." He did not let me finish, he said " Oh please! He has a bottle of Sky Vodka ( i really don't remember what the vodka he said was but who cares?). "
I just laughed . It's amazing how some dudes think that pretty girls are gold diggers. He's dead wrong.

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