Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In the Zone

I got home and got to work while listening to the Rotten Apple Chicks on Alist radio (good show ladies ! ) . I made these :
I have been making these clutches for almost four years now. I never sold them and actually never really had as much time as I wanted to dedicate to them . I would give them away to my friends like candy. The conversation always went sort of like this :

"This is cute ! make me one"
"Here , you can have this one"
"Thanks ! You should sell them. I am sure girls would buy them."
" Yeah I should." I didn't . I just never had the time to make them perfect. I am my worst critic. Everything I do I never think it's good enough or perfect I should say, regardless of what everyone tells me. Like this Blog for example. I have people coming up to me randomly like "I like your blog. Buzygurl, right?" I'll say thanks and deep down I'll be like "Reaaaaalllly?" and I am still in disbelief that my reader numbers keep doubling every week.

I have always thought about making this a side hustle . Especially when I saw one of my girls rocking a piece I made her like 3 years ago. So here I am. This might be the reason why I got laid off: To do what I love most. Writing and making things. Ladies and Gentlemen you may now start calling my creations Endless Noise.

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