Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just before 7am today

I opened up my store. It's not perfect right now , I just had to get something up . Check it .


Zatoism said...

wait, do u make these? do you have a badge I can put on my blog and social media pages? I'll promote your store! (granted, I don't get tons of traffic, but it's something, you'll at least get link backs!)

If u do make that, u ever think of putting ur stuff on Etsy? Never used the site myself, but it's HUGE on the internets. People reblog things from Etsy in Tumblr all the time. A few of my friends shop there.

Check it out, see what u think: http://www.etsy.com/

BuzyGurl said...

Yup I made them . Yeah definately. Let me put some more stuff up this weekend and then you can start promoting it. I was thinking of selling on Etsy I keep hearing nothing but ood stuff about it.

BuzyGurl said...