Friday, January 9, 2009

Say Goodbye to Bush !

Hey Ladies. Check out this sale. Trust me when I say Boom Boom beauty bar is the best place to go get waxed. These ladies are super cool , the music is always awesome and they don't double dip !
This is the LAST CALL to say Buh-BYE BUSH!Boom Boom would like to bid a fine farewell to our former President by showing him the respect he truly deserves. Now until the Inauguration on January 20th Boom Boom Beauty Bar will be offering 25% off Bikini Waxing (ranging from $20 – $49) in honor of the dishonorable “W”. Let’s have our own personal party in our pants and rejoice that we still have the right to choose a Landing Strip, Bermuda Triangle, or Skinny Dipper. Boom Boom also hopes that this will help welcome the Big “O”. YES, YES, YES we can!!!

Boom Boom is thrilled that the time has finally come, so let's get the job done!

Boom Boom

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