Thursday, July 31, 2008

A lesson for the FELLAS

learn to appreciate the woman who is there for you. Stop believing that she will always come back to you every time you want her to. She can only take so much and she is worth a lot more. There are plenty of other men that will know shes a good woman when they meet her, and one of them will be able to provide the love you never gave her. When you see her happy with the one who appreciates and loves her... just remember that you were the one that let her go and you are now sad and alone .

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Mel said...

Personally, I feel men are not to blame 100% for their actions. For far too long, women have accepted their (as in the jerks of the world) behavior as a normal part of their personality. The good guys get a bad rep because the bad guys are so smooth with their game, we can’t see past their true intentions. Getting dump is bad. Getting dumped by the same guy over and over again- well, it is quiet obvious what needs to be done. Stop taking him back! Some women are sending the wrong message by constantly accepting jerks into their lives, and I’m tired of hearing that it’s the man’s fault. If a guy is a player, he’s not going to change for anyone no matter what he may say- and trust me, he’ll say a lot. He’ll use code words like baby and honey, and even throw in you hurt me, too. It’s a twisted game, and someone needs to put an end to it.

If anything, the ladies need to learn a lesson- learn your worth, and don’t accept less than what you deserve. Stop waiting for a man to realize how wonderful you are. If you know you’re fabulous, then that’s all you need. There are plenty of men out there who are not afraid of commitment or intimated by an intelligent and sexy woman. If a man tries to make you feel stupid, write down all your accomplishments vs. the nice things he’s done for you lately. Chances are your accomplishments will spill off the page, while he’s measly good gestures won’t make it past line two.