Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hold Your Purses!

So there seems to be a trend spreading across the city, a phenomenon that I first sighted at a midtown happy hour spot and then realized it extended all the way to the streets of Washington Heights! It’s the significant other holding his girlfriend’s purse….around his arm. It’s placed so comfortably on his shoulder as though it belonged there in the first place. My first reaction is the fact that a woman’s purse is a sort of sacred realm; it’s our own personal little space where nobody can look unless you allow them to. What does this mean if we’re allowing a man to not just take hold of the purse, but embrace it and show it off the way we’re supposed to?

I discussed this movement with my cousin, who actually said she’s seen a couple of these occurrences on the streets of Miami. Her take on things were that women are taking charge in society and they're using this candid act as proof. Maybe some men aren’t afraid to show their lady is the boss and therefore have no shame in carrying the purse.

Any other theories? Occurrences in your hood?


Anonymous said...

Maybe men are finally becoming comfortable enough with their masculinity to support a woman who is succeeding and in a position of power all her own. A man holding a woman’s purse in the past, may have been seen as a sign of weakness, but nowadays I think it is more a symbol of support for their lady and her achievements.

Anonymous said...

The reoccurring trend of men holding their significant others purse is, at least in my opinion another step back for women's equality. As the tends of bigger and bigger fashion bags are taking place, these purses are becoming way too heavy and inconvenient for the women to carry on their own with out having to complain to their men about how heavy they are. So in comes the men like always to save the day, carrying the purses to prevent the onset of scoliosis and avoid the inevitable ear-puncturing complaints.
In addition to the the growth in size of the purses men have to keep up with the inflating prices of the enormous bags. With some of these purses running into the thousands, men are now much more inclined to hold these purses to ensure their security. Men are simply doing their part to protect their investment.
At a quick glance into this new trend of men holding their significant others purses it can easily bee misinterpreted and be thought of men being more supportive of women. But with a better look into all the variables this is just a another step back for women equality now leaving the most easiest of task up to a man.

Mel said...

Oh, how sweet….and European! It seems like an overseas trend has hit the U.S. But in all seriousness, I blame society and the stereotypes associated with the overall definition of what makes a person masculine/feminine. It’s no wonder most men won’t go near a purse with a ten-foot pole. It’s the same reason why “feminine” women won’t wear clogs. There is a reason this “fad” is spreading like the plague- men are becoming more at ease with their own sexuality, and women are completely unable of carrying around a two pound clutch without the help of a male acquaintance. Oh wait, that means women are incapable of functioning without the help of a man. There goes our power!

On a side note, I believe I first witnessed a guy holding a purse while visiting a good looking redhead in Washington D.C. over a year ago.

Kelly said...

My first reaction when I see a guy holding his girl's purse is that he's a bitch. Perhaps if I look into it a little bit more I think that he is being supportive and maybe it is kind of cute but I don't want a man who is constantly willing to just carry my shit around....and willing to look like a bitch everytime he's with me. I don't want him looking at my to-do list or knowing how much money I have. In conclusion, it's cute if he holds it for short periods of time once in a while, that's only if I have my hands full...other than that, don't be a bitch!

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