Saturday, July 19, 2008

WElcome to my Sat that feels like a Sunday Morning

Yeah I know its really 1pm ... but whatever it's still my morning, maybe not yours. I woke up at 10 am feeling so refreshed . I haven't had any sleep all week ... but any who I was determined to get up and do something productive. Im still waiting to get a call back from my cuz to head to the pool with her and my favorite little person. Thats what sucks when you are busy , you don't really get to see your fam as much as you'd like. The good thing is that you know how important they are to you because you always miss them . Like my mom, when she's home , bugs the hell out of me, but since I have not spoken to her or seen her in almost a week, I miss her like crazy and Im about to call her . A HUGE step for me since I never call DR. I don't get to see too many people much these days and I always miss a handful of them , some I don't really care . Duh I do sound mean right now , but I just don't get that right vibe from everyone and I refuse to fake the funk. I always make it a point to tell the important people in my life , I miss them . I'm not too good on the I love you's , I dont use that phrase loosely but I miss you is close enough. Now back to where I was heading to I got up took a shower, threw on some shorts and a tube top. Yo... its BLAZING out there! Sat in the dining room , and my doorbell rings. I usually don't open the door unless I'm expecting someone. It was a man my grandfather's age , so I opened the door ( still dangerous , when you are alone at home and you forget to hold some household weapon close to you ... you know, just in case) My ass does not trust any Man , well some of my homies yeah, but other than that I am always scared I'll get hurt . This man got lucky I tell ya! So he's crying and tells me his daughter was found dead in DR and they have no money to fly out there. I felt so bad I gave him some $ and my Dad's card. That was like half an hour ago and I'm still feeling like I wanna cry . It was just so sad. Now I have to get over it and just figure out what to do on this extremely HOT day. Should I stay indoors or go out?

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