Wednesday, July 9, 2008


'"Dear Flow Meister: I've been surfing the tidal waves of emotion for many days, and am proud to say I haven't wiped out once (though here were two near-misses). But to tell you the truth, I don't know how much longer I can perform this balancing act. How much stamina can one person have? Do you psychically see signs that I'll reach shore anytime soon? -Wobbly Surfer." Dear Wobbly: I predict an end to your trials by Wednesday, July 23 -- or earlier if you, too, become a flow meister." (From Free will astrology)

My thoughts: hmmmm ... Wobbly surfer ... yes that's me. I am never quite sure of my directions in life so I wobble along through life, trying things here and there, scared of things here and there forgetting a lot of things here and there, You get the point, I am basically a mess lol.
I have actually been trying to get my shit together and have been succeeding. I started with little things such as making sure I have my outfit picked out the night before so that I won't loose it in the morning time because I have nothing to wear. Or making it to the express train on time. Or even like last night Clean my room more often so that it stays clean and I wont have to spend days cleaning it the day I decide I have time to do it.

Lately I have been feeling at ease like everything will soon come together and I won't be a mess anymore . Yeah , I believe this weeks horoscope, well, I actually believe more in myself. I am doing life the way I want with nothing standing in my way. . .

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