Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black in America Part 1

Ok, Who watched the CNN special last night ? I am a Latina , and I related to most of the documentary. Especially being a successful young women and knowing that the chances of getting married are very minute for me especially if I date within my race. Trust me when I say I would love to stay within my Latino culture. Ugh but it's so frustrating that there aren't many good ones out there. Therefore I have no problem dating outside my race.Do you ladies find it hard to find a decent black/latino man these days?Please comment.


Anonymous said...

I have been blessed with being able to find a great latin man although not excatly the same nationality. It was a long journey to where I am today and yes I understand I may be young but believe me I have had my trial and tribulations. But living in New York and with men that have the mentality of, "Why would I buy a cow if I can get the milk free," it is just too dificult to find a good man. And sometimes us women tend to look in the wrong place.

Stella said...

Surprising for me to even write this, but I've actually found more decent guys who are black/Latino recently. Maybe it's just where I've been hanging out and such, but it is reassuring that not only do they exist, but they are right there in flesh and blood. No need to settle!