Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2nd 2008...

I was desperate to leave work so that I could rush home and get things done ... things like putting away my four loads of clean laundry that was done two days ago and to finish up cleaning my room. I wish I had time to do that deep cleaning shit where you clean every little corner , ever little spot squeaky clean , but unfortunately I never have time. Hmmmm I do have a day off on Friday ... great, So I will just aim to wake up early, bust shit out in a few hours and WALLLLLLA I'll be off to my BBQ's. Now back to my story... on my way to the 4 train on 14th I decided to stop by H&M and forever 21 and pick up a few things . I finally got the jumper of my dreams and I finally fit an H&M size 4! PHEW that took about a couple of years.

I finally head home like around 9, I had to take a second to stop and appreciate the wonderful nighttime weather we had today. I get home and the news of the day was that Sabrina ( the younger sibling) found a dog on the highway and decided to bring it home. At that moment she was walking both dogs . ( yes we already have one) . I was in disbelief until I finally saw the dog that we have named Pancho, Pablo, Tobi, Pepito... so skinny but yet toooo cute ! The thought of having two dogs in the house led Annie (the middle child) and I to post a lost and found ad on craigslist, while ignoring the young one's cries (shes 19). Of course my ass fell in love with the dog and spent the rest of the night playing with him .

At 1am I decided to start putting my clothes away (one thing scratched off the list of things to do) I am now laying in bed reflecting on the day and excited about ELSITA'S WEDDING tomorrow .... GEEEZ I hope I have time to get my nails and hair done after work !

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