Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thought to share this with you ...

I am not a fan of toys but just thought you might be interested: Chances are that your block is starting to sound like the Gaza Strip around this time of year, and in the midst of errant gunshots or fireworks (or a combination of both), Patriot Murko is crashing America's birthday draped in the colors that don't run.Celebrating the greatness of our country, Murko just assaulted our inboxes with his own brand of Pro-American propaganda. We're sharing his video tribute to the U.S. of A., which tugged at our heart strings while simultaneously testing our gag reflexes.Patriot Murko will be released to select retailers this week.This edition is limited to 200 pieces and comes shipped ready to carpet bomb all of the other toys on the shelfHe stands 5 inches tall, features movable arms, hands, and feet (not to mention a special message on the back of his t-shirt). Patriot Murko hits shelves beginning Tuesday, July 1st. (press release sent by 10.deep)

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