Thursday, July 10, 2008

I decided to be nice ...

I was going to put this guy on blast by adding the pic he sent of himself via text message but then decided not to. Well I actually did and erased it because I felt bad. Just the kind of person I am... But I do have to write about his doings. He sent me a text message with a picture of his shirtless body and thanks to my blackberry I saw how many other people he sent it to. YEAh what a dummy. So I responded with :

"Are you serious? I'm a mature woman and opening things like this is a waste of time for me cause I have other important things to open on my phone (in fact I don't even know why I'm even writing back ) I am actually getting a kick of how men want women to feel like they are making a women feel "special" by sending a bunch of women the same half naked pic. Yes HIS NAME HERE , the other numbers are available to me. congrats for you immaturity!"

After a while he responds with some sorry ass excuse saying that he has a cast on ( he does he sent me a pic) and that he meant to send it to his ex girl friend ( meanwhile there were like FOUR numbers on that shit) . I had to leave the office to go outside and let out a loud ass laugh ... Yes people thought I was crazy. Then he texted me that he's diggin my Hard to get bit. I told him to delete my number. You would think he would stop writing after that one, But no. He decides to say "I'll delete your number if you want me to , but just give me the go ahead" I responded "I did". Yes and he continues to write ...

Lesson of the Day :
Do text your naked pic to multiple people at the same time. You will look plain stupid.

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Ciello said...

hahahahah daaaaaamn "is no laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaike dat" you tell em girl!