Monday, July 21, 2008

Are you the 100% or 50% type of girl ?

I'm the 50% type of girl, I absolutely can not give myself to a man 100% . Ok maybe 55% the most ... but I can't loose myself completely. That's just WACK. I believe in not being on the phone with my significant other all the time, I don't have to speak with him everyday... I mean a little text here and there , mostly when I have jokes or when I truly miss him. I don't even text everyday. I don't ditch my friends or family if plans were already made. I feel like I have tooooo much going for myself to all of a sudden have my life revolve around a man. If you know me well enough , I can't stand a man who has toooooo much free time on his hands and is constantly calling me ... BIG TURNOFF. I do get tight when I actually hit them up and get no answer. The thing is that I don't use my phone at all , so when I do... why not return my call? Another TURNOFF. I am my own person and I refuse to loose myself into a relationship and I don't expect him to give me 100% either. The Reality is that you are either going to be with them for the rest of your life , or they are not going to be there one day , at all. It doesn't hurt to do your own thing on the side , and I don't mean cheating , I mean reaching your own goals. On cheating ... right now I'm against it . I am usually so busy I rarely have time for dates , therefore If I were in a relationship, I would not have the time to juggle two guys at once. I mean if the guy wants to cheat... that's just on him . As long as he wraps it up and I don't hear about it from someone else before he tells me .. its all good. He'll be the one with the guilty conscience.. that is if he really cares for me. Yup, even when I'm just "talking" or what ever you want to call it these days ... I stick to a main one . My main one usually stays on a "friendship" level until it dies out or proceeds to the next step, this usually takes years lol. From time to time , when I have time, I do go on dates to keep my options open , being that I am no where near a serious relationship. The date has got to be worth it. I don't get excited for dates anymore. Is there something wrong with that????? I mean being a busy NYC girl not much guys are worth the time . The ones you think that are , turn out to be the assholes in the long run anyways.

The message im trying to say is: dont give yourself up for the other person 100%. You're just going to be doomed. You are going to be old and alone with nothing accomplished for yourself one day, or old and together and unhappy cause BOTH of you have nothing accomplished. So what type of person are you ? Am I right , Or am I wrong ?

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