Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"I" or "WE"

Don't assume that because I am asking this question I am immediately going to say that being in a relationship sounds better than being single. A few months ago you would have caught me saying that shit... OMG how embarrassing! "They think 'we' instead of 'I' while we think 'I' instead of 'we'" is what one of us ends up saying in my circle of single friends when we ask ourselves questions like "why does it feel like the girl in a relationship is living in a different world than the single girl?" I can not imagine myself thinking "we" right now ... I just can't deal. I was not born with a dude hanging from my umbilical chord ... why must society act like we need a man to be happy and we need to stop being our selves to keep him? If that is the case I rather just stay to myself and party with my single gals until I find that man who will one day love me for who I am and who doesn't mind the fact that I am an an independent girl who cant think "we".

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