Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shame on me ...

I've been feeling so lazy lately. Like I just don't want to do much. Does not help much that I have a freakin' cold and I am sneezing and blowing my nose every five minutes. So Wack! So ...what have I been up to you ask? Well where do I start? OK,I am going to start with the wack ass posts I have been putting up. If that does not say lazy... I don't know what does. I have not been writing at all , I have just been posting random things up. I need to reevaluate this blog and head in one direction. This blog reflects my life and the truth is that my life is a mess , but not in a bad way. I am just a girl that is up for anything , well, let me rephrase that ... almost anything. Most of the time I do not know in what direction to take my life and end up trying different things here and there, just to see what works for me.
I have actually been writing my book. I started it last year , caught writer's block in December and FINALLY got out of it and continued to write sometime last week. I can't wait to finish it and have someone read it. My friends have been telling me to write this book for years. Besides writing I have not been doing much but working and hanging out. Now that the summer is over , I have to get back on my grind. Hopefully I will come out of this lazy stage soon.

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