Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Diary .... ha ha ha

What an interesting beautiful day. I went up to 42nd to run a personal errand today during lunch and here was this guy with a Anna Wintour painting he created. The point of him standing in front of the tents was to get people to write messages to Anna. Red if you were in the fashion industry and I think blue or black if you were not. Of course I signed it . He is going to sell the painting on ebay. How awesome is the fact that my name will be on someone's wall one day ?
After a busy day at work I went to the opening of the new Maoz Vegetarian restaurant on Broadway between 71st and 72nd. The food was pretty good, compliments of the girls at Pitch Control PR. I went to meet with with my homies , Instead of taking the train or a cab I decided to walk . It was a beautiful night and I was on the phone. Once I got to 59th this guy in a pedi cab said he will give me a ride to 34th street for $5. So of course I took the ride. It turned out being free. He did not want to take my money. It pays to be nice in life. It was exciting ! Check out the pics !

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