Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bonjour to Obama!

I was in Europe earlier this month and it was incredible how many people are keeping up with the U.S elections. My first encounter was in London. I entered Selfridges in search of a new piece of luggage. After swiping my Bank of America debit card, the sales representative realized I lived in the states and asked if I would like for my total to be converted into dollars. I said yes and we continued the transaction. Upon giving me my receipt, he asks, “So who are you voting for? I hope not McCain…” I laughed and he apologized for being so forward. I told him it was ok and we had a brief discussion on the candidates.

A few days after that, I found myself lost in the streets of Rome. I stopped a gentleman to ask for directions and before telling me how to get to my destination he asked where I was from. He immediately inquired who I was voting for. “McCain is no good,” said the man.

The final Obama encounter was in Paris, outside of the Cath├ędrale Notre Dame de Paris. Vendors were selling Barack Obama T’s and pins right next to Moulin Rouge post cards and French paintings. I spoke to one of the vendors and he said it’s one of his best selling souvenirs.

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