Monday, September 8, 2008

Hard to go without ...

I do not care about what I put on the my skin , as long as it smells good. The skin on my body is not sensitive at all , I rarely break out into pimples and when I do its like one big one . I don't fuss with it and it goes away. The skin around my eyes is a different story. It is so sensitive. It was from like one day to the next I became allergic to certain eye makeup. I can not use just any eye pencil, I can only use MAC. I am allergic to the two of the best mascaras ever made Dior Show and Maybelline great lash. What a bummer! I love the fake eyelash look when heading out at night. It totally sucked that I could never get that look with Cover Girl volume exact, the only mascara I could wear for a while. Then someone in the Maybelline lab answered my prayers and created the Maybelline Colossal volume express . I was terrified to try it , you don't even know the madness that happens when I get an allergic reaction. I took the risk because I heard it was so great. To my suprise I wasn't . I now can't live without this mascara. Three coats of the Colassal will give you enchanting eye lashes.
The Garnier Skin renew anti puff eye roller is another item I can not live without . See, I don't get much sleep these days. My dark circles are off the hook. this eye roller immediately de-puffs my eyes and has made my dark circles lighter. The second time I wore it , my co worker immediately noticed a change without me telling her anything . I did not even have concealer on ! So yes my friends, these items do work as advertised.

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Aniusha said...

I've been using both products for almost a month. As my older sister you know that Im a natural type of chick that does not wear any make-up.Once I tried that mascara it was like THE HELL WITH THAT!! I even put it on to go to class! As for the anti puff eye roller-I LOVE IT! I feel like a different breed of woman.