Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beauty, Power , Knowledge, Pride, and Arrogance

This is what the peacock feather symbolizes. Those who know me know about the tattoo on my back . A very detailed peacock feather. I hate birds. The peacock is what I think , is the best looking bird on the planet. It is the only bird that I do not run from . Yes my friends, I am terrified of birds, especially those dirty pigeons. I love the fact that all inclusive destinations have these beautiful creatures walking roaming freely around the hotels. I have always been attracted to their feathers and decided to get a tattoo. I did not even think of what it stood for until someone asked me and I couldn't answer because I had no idea. After looking it up I was even more excited to get the tattoo. The meaning fit me well. I found this pic while browsing through one of my favorite blogs; The Satorialist. This dress is hot! This peacock on the dress is not the only thing making her outfit interesting . It is also the Rebecca Minkoff on her shoulder. I told you they are everywhere. LOL LOL btw I just realized that the make-up bag I have been using for about a year also has peacocks on it.

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