Saturday, September 20, 2008

A NYC Moment ... Journey from BK

So two of us went to visit my home girl in BK on Friday night . Going was not so bad since I was coming in from Manhattan. Going back to the BX was a different story. When you are from the BX, Brooklyn can sometimes feel like a world away and vice versa . Like I did not even know there was a G train! Ummmm... Don't Laugh, I just can't sit on the train for so long so I don't go to Brooklyn much.
We first got on the A train , and still sat down , despite the fact that it felt a little sketchy. I sit next to this guy dressed in red . The dude starts throwing up gang signs to some guy dressed in navy blue on the other side of the cart . I was taken back to the days of high school when we were not allowed to wear red or blue and were often let out early especially on Halloween . I must have been staring hard . I don't usually stare because I see everything and nothing phases me. This shit right here... had me scared lol. So the guy in red starts speaking to me. I did not put my ussual "Dont fuck with me " face and ignore him. I was scared that would have triggered something. So I told him I was Egyptian after he asked me where I was from. Then the red dude and the blue dude switched places . The Blue dude was now sitting next t me . He said "So he tells me you are from somewhere. Where are you from again?"

"EEEEEEGYYYYPTTTT" I said , Even though I was still scared it was obvious that these guys were stupid. I can't stand stupid guys.

"Oh where is that ?" UGH yes he did ask me this.

Thank goodness my home girl was smart enough to start a conversation with me and that we were on the same page.

"This dude lives at the next stop. Do you want to crash at his house ? It will be easier to go to this girl's house in the morning time instead of waking up extremely early."

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan, let's crash at this dudes house."

We got off the train and stood by the police precient the whole time while we waited for the next train.

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