Friday, September 5, 2008

Damn ignorant violent people !

I just do not understand ... what is the point of getting violent and pulling out weapons ? I am going to be real , I sometimes get a lil' violent at the clubs when someone is constantly annoying the hell out of me. It does take a lot to get to the level where I have actually shoved someone out of the way or got in their face (after they do it to me of course) . Like every other story , that is a different story ha ha. People why must you ruin it for others by pulling out a weapon and hurting another individual? Early this morning there was a stabbing at Home ... UGH . Someone stabbed a bouncer. it actually does not suprise me so much being that I have witnessed a couple of occurances with the bouncers there. Like unecessary shit like throwing dudes down the stairs because the person didnt have room to move when they were told . I am totally understanding towards why these dudes might have wanted to fight the bouncer. I am not saying violence is the key. When you have to defend yourself , do what you have to do but leave the knives , guns and tazers at home. You are only digging a deeper hole for yourself and your life will just be doomed. Another tip: just dust it off , life is precious...

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