Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am back in effect Ya'll

I was unussually tired after dinner today and just fell asleep on my parent's bed for a bit. Now I am awake and recharged and ready to give you some updates. Thursday night I attended the Custo Barcelona show at the tents . His designs were psychedelic and fun. The swimsuits were my personal favorite pieces. The show was well put together and the length was perfect enough to keep me focused. After the show I hung out with my fashion girls from college and sat right outside the exit of the tents. We met a volunteer who later presented us with a small bottle of Imperia Vodka each . (Thanks Christian! ) After a few hours of sitting at the park we decided to part .
Again, I decided to walk through the NYC streets by my lonesome, to meet some of my friends . Walking in NYC always turns into an adventure for me. On the way over I looked up at the sky and saw the lights beaming up from ground zero. I leaned on the side of a building and just stared at the light. It straight up looked like the light was beaming from heaven instead of the earth. That light represents all of those who were lost 7 years ago to many of us. To me that light also represents who I am today. 2001 marks the year I went away for school, the year Aaliyah died, the year my freshman class lost a friend because of a drunk driver. The past 7 years have marked 2 broken hearts , Loosing a 16 year cousin to gang violence , loosing my first friend in high school to domestic violence, building friendships with some of the best friends I could ever have, the path to my career, finding the courage to get on a plane to travel , all the babies that have been born and the list goes on. All these things have made me who I am , looking at that light just made me think of how much can happen in 7 years. A whole lot of good and bad. but all appreciated by me. What does that light represent to you?

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