Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to organize your NYC closet

Don't front... some of us have a million pieces of clothing and shoes and no room in the closet. A disorganized closet causes me to repeat outfits and forget about the other things I have. Last weekend I took the time and re-organized my closet. It was a hot mess and I just hated to open that door, slowly but surely a pile of clothes started growing at the edge of my bed, on my ottoman, and on my chair. I would straight up pick clothing from these piles every morning. Enough was enough. I started by taking EVERYTHING out. A closet is like canvas . You start of empty and you can do alot of creative things to it. I places my shoes on the shelves . Shelves are great . You dont really need to save the shoe boxes and it will save you a lot of space. I then placed my boots on the floor of the closet( Haven't seen that floor in a minute.) I had no space for some of my shoes so I just threw them in a reusable duane reade bag. You'll be suprised how many pairs fit in that bag.
Everything I do not wear I stuffed in Plastic bins and placed them on the highest shelf. I do not believe in throwing away clothes. Well some but not all. I feel like I would wear them again or pass them down to my future daughter. You don't know how much I value vintage pieces my mom , aunts or mom's friends have passed down to me .
My hats and scarves go into one of my travel bags on the shelf right below it. I add a bin full of skirts and shorts (just in case the weather decides to get warmer again ) and right next to that another travel bag filled with handbags and totes.
Time for the rack. I start off with my jackets to the left, my sweaters, my dresses and my tops. Right under my shoes there are three bins. One with more tops, another with my sweats and hoodies, and last but not least my jeans. Wallah! Closet done.
What does your closet look like ? Send me pics to Need some closet advice? Hit me up also, I'll be glad to help.

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