Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Witty things that come along when you have a name like mine

I did not want to put my real name out here, but hey what the heck. You actually won't know what my name is unless you know this language. I had to share this one of many funny moments. So on one of my social networking accounts I get this message :

man donbale doostaye irani too nyc migardam,
age comunity haee mishnasin ke betoonam ashna besham mishe behem moarefi koni?

 Of course I had no idea what language it was or what he was saying, but being that I usually get these kinds of messages all the time I answered : 

HUH ? Im Dominican

And from there it went on like this :

wow, intresting,
so you could understand what I had written ?

nope not at all

I see,
I just saw your profile and was interested to know more about you if you are interested,

sorry, I'm working and I'm kind of busy right now .

ok, let me know later on,


Anonymous said...

Nice blog here .... and thanks for the Double 7 World shout. Know that you've got a reader out here in cyberspace!

~ Pete Chatmon

BuzyGurl said...

Thanks Pete !