Sunday, November 2, 2008


This morning after two hours of sleep and a two hour line , my home girls and I walked into the Chanel Exhibit. Honestly I woke up feeling blah a lot of last night had me thinking again about life and the direction I want to go. (This I will get into on another post when I am ready). I was seriously thinking too much and it was bugging me . I am not the type of person to think too too much about things, maybe a couple of minutes top , but when I go over those couple of minutes it's like annoying. Seriously. My thoughts on the same subject was going on for hours. This exhibit was the best thing I did today to take my mind off things .
You are given headphones as soon as you come in. Which I thought was pretty cool cause you get to experience it by yourself , thirty seconds behind or ahead the person in front of you or behind you. The voice that speaks is Coco's voice, well at least it sounds like it might be. She leads you step by step through the exhibit . I felt as ease because my mind was focused on something other that what I have been thinking about. At the end of the exhibit I had the chance to "empty out my bag". There are a whole lot of messages from this exhibit but emptying out my bag was the most important one that I felt to focus on .
I won't get into details on what was featured or the fact that it felt like I was out in space somewhere with subliminal messages being fed to me lol. That is something I think you should experience on your own . This exhibit was really good. I believe it's the best I have been to. This is the last week. If you want to go check it out I suggest you get there at 8am to get your tickets. It is very popular and the line is really long . Oh and bring a hat and gloves with you.

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