Monday, November 10, 2008

Get them while they are hot !

As I was on my way to a meeting this afternoon , I passed a news stand and saw two hanging copies of the Obama Times magazines . " Those will be great gifts , I'll get them when I come back ," I thought to myself. The meeting was done and I headed back to my office. Yes, I forgot that I was supposed to purchase at least one of those magazines. After work I headed to the news stand and the magazines were GONE ! I headed to Borders. DUDE, this girl took the last four copies right in front of my face. Yeah , just like that. Grrrrrrr. I got a little pissed off , just like I did when that girl took the last size 2 grey jacket at H&M knowing damn well she didn't fit in it.
I settled for the last two People magazines. I am pretty sure I will find the Times somewhere in the most random magazine store. Therefore I will not stop searching. Any magazine with Obama on the cover or any newspaper from 11/5/08 is the hottest gift for Xmas 2008. I am not kidding. Some people are keeping them to save and cherish and others are selling them on Ebay already. Uh YEah , Ebay Madness has hit again. Last year the Anya Hindmarch bags and this year anything with Obama on it . It brings tears of joy to my eyes .
I searched ebay for the New York times highest bid and here it is people. $500 for 15 unread New York Times. So again , I advise to get them now before you get desperate enough to pay a couple of thousands in a few years from now.
Get ready for this one : Barack Obama Signed Rolling Stone Magazine $1,390.00.

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