Monday, November 10, 2008

Terry Richardson - My New Obsession

I was at my friend Lena's house the other night working on our group presentation about sub-cultures and their influence on fashion. Obviously we chose to write about hipsters and the different classifications that make them just so darn interesting. That's besides the point.

She had this textbook filled with photographs. At first glance it looked like a raunchy porn magazine with glossy pages, minimal backgrounds and a close up of p*ssy and ass like you wouldn't believe. Kind of what an American Apparel funded Porn Mag would look like had the President (Dov Charney) finally realize his obsession with T&A. And this is not like shaved, pretty p*ssy. I'm talking about three week old p*ssy; wrinkled p*ssy; and any other kind of (realistic) p*ssy that you could think of.

The shit is that (however raunchy [- and i mean raunchy... i.e.- dude literally has photos of himself getting his dick sucked while sitting at his desk...]) it maintains the quality to This book (appropriately titled "Terrysworld") has page after page of dick sucking, sword fighting, tounge licking, p*ssy having ART.

Not to mention this guy is like...famous! I mean, I dont know about you people but I've never heard of him before...I guess that's not saying much but, whatever. He took the album art photo for Justin Timberlakes "FutureSexLoveSounds", and has numerous celebs that have posed for him (i.e. - pharrell williams, the entire "jackass" crew, Amy Winehouse, Ashely [or Mary Kate - who can ever tell?] Olsen, Leonardo DiCaprio, ... I mean the list goes ON!) Not to mention, my ALL TIME FAVORITE PERSON RIGHT NOW: BARACK OBAMA...I mean, c'mon...that's gotta say SOMETHING!

Here are some photos from his website:

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BuzyGurl said...

Great minds think alike missy !