Friday, November 21, 2008

Thumb Tacks as a fashion statement ...

This morning on the subway this morning when I opened my eyes and saw something I haven't seen since High School . Thumb tacks used to prevent jeans from dragging on the floor. I wanted to take a picture so bad but this guy looked like he would shoot me so I just started reading my emails. 

One of the emails was from my homegirl it said "my co worker sent me this and I had to send it to you girls." Let me take a minute to explain that my girls and a few select homeboys have this daily email thread of the topic of the day. The topic of today was the photo . The photo was the one above. LMFAO how ironic? Definitely a sign that I should chat about this a little today. 

Here is our reaction to the photo :

AROD: Wow...

Mel: In related news, Ashlee Simpson named her son Bronx Mowgli. I bet if she saw this guy on the street she would probably roll her eyes, completely unaware that this is what the Bronx is all about- working with what you have, even if it means sticking push pins to the back of your boots so that your pants don't drag on the floor! LMAO.

Me : LMFAO LMFAO you guys are going to laugh , I saw the same thing this morning and was about to take a picture on the train . The difference was that this guy was a little more discreet because he had white uptowns (stil blah ) and white thumb tacks . LOL . F tell your co worker this pic is going up on my blog . As for ashlee simpson naming her son Bronx I seriously think thats a cute name . I mean people name their kids Brooklyn all the time .

Me again: and looking at the pic again i must say he is wearing it wrong. You have to stick it to your sneakers and then hang your jeans over them 

Mel: Yes, but I'm sure they know what Brooklyn is all about. LMAO...Que sabe Ashlee?

Me: lol lol thats true lol 

F: LMAO send me the link to your blog so I can send it to her. She’s a fashionista like you! I told her you were going to put it up she’s happy about it.

J:LMAO, what is our society coming to? Next thing you know you'll have people walking around with staples on their missing buttons

Mel: I'm just mad she named her so Bronx Mowgli, especially when I specifically told her I was going to name my future child Prince Akeem Sheer Khan Jafee Joffer Konstantatos, I. How dare she take my movie reference name?!

ARodI’m mad you are correcting this totally wrong fashion statement. lol

Me:LMFAO The guy I saw this morning had it neater I cant help it lol . But it has also been around for years .

ARod:Hay Dios…que nombre.

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John Marshall said...

like the name. mad at the statement "this is what the bronx is all about". at the risk of using a bad pun, this "fashion trend" is just tacky...