Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHOA !!!!!

I am exhausted . So exhausted that instead of clicking on "New Post" I clicked on " next post" instead and got weirded out when some other blog showed up on my screen. Exactly. I tend to do the dumbest shit when I am tired. I would like to keep writing more post and longer post but I can't stay up any longer . I will write something tomorrow , I promise. Hopefully there is something interesting to write about . WAIT , hold on before I go to bed and wake up tomorrow and forget about what I wanted to write about today. I have been watching the news all day while at work today. I must say there were some pretty intersting current events that stood out. They spoke about everything EXCEPT same sex marriage in CT.
So apparently there have been cases of pirates hijacking merchant ships. WTF ? I did not even know pirates still exhisted. Like how the hell does that happen ? (YAWN ) A Turkish ship had been hijacked today . I tell my homeboy who is my best source for current events, and he's like "Yeah. It's been going on alot lately." Where the hell have I been ? PIRATES ? How did I miss that ? According to this article there have been 60 cases the first 9 months of this year . Wow , that is a lot .
Something else I missed was the school collapse in Haiti less than a week ago . There was another one today in Haiti again. While children were in school. Another WTF ? Two in less then a week? I would do a little research if I wasn't so tired. I will look into it tomorrow. My question is , are there any regulations on the conditions of these schools?
Besides listening to the news I was sucked into a conversation between two of a few of my closest guy friends today . They were both in deisagreement and wanted a girl's point of view ... ME . One of the guys had this idea that (i dont remember exactly how he said it , because I cant remember much right now , but I will try my best ) a wife is a permanent booty call . Now 2 out of three of us disagreed with this statement.
My thoughts on this statement is as follows:
I don't agree. I believe a booty call is someone you just have sex with . No conversations, no hangingout, just sex and you both go your seperate ways. Marriage has a lot more to that. If Marriage was like a booty call , what is the point of being husband and wife ?
What do you think ?

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