Thursday, November 20, 2008

Case of a manicure gone WRONG

This is the reason why I  despise going to the around the way spots to get my manicure. How the hell is it that I just got my manicure on Sunday and my nail polish is already chipping. I purposely buy my own Essie nail polish in case I feel too lazy to head into Manhattan and pay twice as much for a mani and pedi. Yeah , some hood spots just do not believe in using good quality nail polish , hence the $ 5 manicure. You do pay what you are getting for. If I had gone to my usual spot in Noho I would not have this problem and I would have also received my "complimentary" massage. My skin would also not be peeling right now because they understand the reason why I say to just push my cuticles back instead of telling me that I NEED to cut them. I am the dummy for agreeing , but that is not the point . The point it that next time I feel lazy I will not only have to bring my own nail polish . I will have to bring my own high quality under coat and top coat nail polishes as well. 

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kendy said...

Let me tell you some tips on how to give yourself a manicure. Remove old nail polish thoroughly. Soak hands in warm water for 10 or 15 minutes. Dry hands. File nails in one direction only. Avoid using a seesaw motion. Push back cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturizer if they do not push back easily after soaking. Add a second coat for deeper color. Finish the manicure with a top coat of clear polish.