Monday, September 27, 2010

Recently Watched: No Impact man

A 5th avenue,  manhattan couple or shall I say man decides to change their lifestyle to make no environmental impact for a year. The reason I say man is because it seemed like it was his thing to do and the wife was going along with it for no reason other than being his wife. I'll get back to this later. The changes in their lifestyle included : no electricity for 6 months, cloth diapers for the baby , food from the farmers market, no shopping for a whole year (YIKES!) , minimizing the amount of garbage produced and using a box with worms to eat the garbage that they did produce. At the end they decide what works and what doesn't and they implement what works into their daily lives. 
Now back to where the wife supports her husband because she is his wife. There were times during the documentary that she did not seem pleased with the whole idea. She seemed pretty annoyed. The whole time I was just wondering "then why did she agree to do it then?" and of course , as said before , the obvious answer that is practically the "normal" thing for woman to do  is to just support her husband. I mean fine , I would support my husband but if its something that will possibly make me miserable, can't we have some negotiation to take place before making a final decision?
 I was already worked up. I was even more worked up when there was something that she wanted his support on and he was not even trying. tsk tsk tsk... I see this too many times. Many times women support their men 100% but don't get that same or any support back. It's almost as if the women settle for this, I see it happen around me all the time,  it frustrates me and it is one of the reasons I am single because I will not settle for that. 
I just don't see how I am going to support a man , or anyone who does not support me back. Excuse my French, but what kind of shit is that? 

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