Monday, September 13, 2010

The World would be a better place if ...

I have started to see why the world is the way it is more and more each day. It's pretty messed up and it will get worse if no one does anything about it. The first place to start is to ask how we can make the world a better place and then start within each of us to make that change. I went around asking how you thought the world would be a better place and here are some responses. I would love to hear more. Please comment BELOW and let's make some changes :o) 

"People stop Hatin'!" 
"if evil did not exist"
"People weren't ignorant"
"People would not be afraid to be honest and to be receptive to genuine people"
" I was their queen! :)"
"if I didn't have to pay my student loans"
"If people get to love themselves first and not judge others all the time... when you judge others, you are judging yourself ."
"if people would care more about their communities and less about consumption"
"If we all stop trying to change every individual and accept them for just what they are. Live our own lives as best as possible. If we all would stop walking with our backs towards the future cuz we are to scared to start taking control of our own lives bc we are too busy checking and re-analysing our past. If we all let everyone see us for who WE choose to be and not what society wants us to be."
"If we all live in the now."
"if our decisions were based on personal choice, and not what society dictates."
"Americans weren't morons"
"If the world didn't revolve around money and power"

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