Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Summer,

You're almost gone, such a despairing thing to face. You have been a memorable one indeed.  With you came a profusion of life lessons to be learned, more than I would ever think to attain in such a short period of time. You taught me that miracles do happen. In fact, MIRACLE has been a key word this last month. "In God we trust" became a phrase that I will forever keep in the forepart of my mind. You taught me the meaning of a REAL problem. Helping me dust off the negative energy brought on to me by "problems".
You gave me the chance to experience what it is like to have such a dope connection to someone that could have possibly went for many more seasons but was only allowed just one. I am ok with that. My standards are now higher. Along with this lesson, you  also taught me that the only thing I have control over is what is inside me. I can not make someone see something that they have any notion of , they have to see it on their own, even if it's too late before they finally see it. "Too late" has been a fear of mine, but now that I think about it , everything happens at it's correct timing. There is no such thing as "too late". What it really means is that it's not meant to happen, and something better is in store at it's correct timing. 
This season has brought me many blessings. The fact that I am going to be an aunt in a few months is beyond amazing. The connection to that unborn baby in my sister's belly is unexplainable. That's one person that is going to have the world from me. My family as individuals have come to learn some life lessons as well this summer, causing only positive change. My family and friends have no idea how blessed I feel to have them in my life.Especially the group of girls who made this summer awesome regardless of the craziness going on. OMG , what would life had been without them? Something I have yet to learn is how to better manifest my feelings , but I guess that writing this in public is a start. 
The greatest lesson you have taught me Summer, is " When the student is ready , the Teacher will show up". With this lesson , I am entering the new season with a new frame of mind. I have to let things go and let be...

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