Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garnier Blow Dry Perfecter

Most of you know I have really curly hair that I love wearing during the summer, but once the summer ends, I wear it straight. I've been dying to start blow drying my own hair to save some money and some transportation time, but my hair can sometimes be unmanageable. I purchased a box of the Garnier Blow Dry Perfecter and got to work last week. The smell was disgusting. It made the whole apartment smell like the strongest relaxer you can ever imagine. Wait , before you say anything about me relaxing my hair , let me just say that it is not the case, I refuse to relax my hair. I can still wear my hair curly, it's just less frizzy now. 

 The 1st blow out was not that great. I don't know if the humid weather took part of it , but I was not too pleased with the thickness of my hair... My hair isn't even thick ! Today I tried again and I must say it was a whole lot easier to dry it and get it to look just like the salon. I am not going to front , I had to part my hair in many different sections, and have a little more patience than the last time, but it worked !

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