Thursday, October 7, 2010

The next step for me ...

Social media has been an important part of my personal life and business, as it has been to a lot of you for a couple of years. With out it, many of you still would not know what Endless Noise NYC is, what's the next "cool" thing out in the market or the latest breaking news. Being that I have gained a good amount of experience managing my own social media, I have received request here and there from close family and friends to help them out with their social media management. I am no social media Guru, in fact no one is one yet, due to the short amount of time it has been around, but I have done plenty of research and have taught myself enough to get by and more. I am always full of different marketing ideas and I am amazed by the impact social media has on the consumer. Also, lets not forget the fact that I want to be able to work from wherever, whenever, just like I do with my jewelry business.

This is the reason why I have been M.I.A. I have been "studying" my ass off and learning everything I can in order to become a successful Social media Manager/ Jewelry designer. It's not going to be easy to balance both in the beginning, but in due time it will be a breeze. I did not wake up one day with the decision of becoming a social media manager. There have been signs, after signs, after many signs pointng at the idea that it's what I should be doing in addition to my jewelry. I am not going to lie, fear has been holding back for a while but I also believe that when an idea comes to mind, it's something that is meant to be put into action. Everything and anything is possible if you put your mind in to it. The above video was the final push to do it like NIKE

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