Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Dating in Hip Hop Society

My boy just BBM'd me this video , it was funny as hell but it really made me think about dating in general. The video displays a "good man" seeking to attain the "gold digging woman". He mentions how she does not know what a good man looks like .  She want's a "baller" no matter how negative the life he leads. Fine, there are women out there like her,  but those are the women that some men go after. Those are the women in the music videos.  You don't see them going after the "Good Woman". They prefer those women that do go after the "ballers", athletes and music artists. When they are not ballers, athletes and music artists themselves and know that there is no chance in hell with that woman,   they decide they want to work their way up-to eventually become a "baller" and attract those kinds of women, even if it means "balling" with no money in the bank. They don't do it for themselves,  they do it to impress the women who didn't want them in the first place. Look at Mark Zuckerberg and where that led him.   Again , I am not speaking about all men or women.
It's such an annoying cycle. The "Good Women" then meet these men that don't see the true value of what they have to put on the table. These "Good Women" who are hard working and are not looking to get taken care of, being that they can care for themselves,  are kicked to the side while the man goes off to play with the "gold digging girl" who has probably been with his whole group of friends, but that doesn't matter to him right ? She looks good and that's all that matters . 
Same thing goes for women. Yes there is a point when some of us are in love with the idea of having a man in our presence to financially care for us , but as we get older , it doesn't matter anymore. What good is it to be with someone who buys you the world but doesn't value or love you for who you are? It's like getting paid to be a companion, kind of like prostitution. There is that point when some of us women snap out of it and become women who are looking for things other than money and diamonds. We start loving someone for who they are and not for what they have. Im not saying that you should stop chasing that money. I'm saying keep chasing it but don't do it to impress anyone. Do it for yourself, if that is what makes you happy. 
So after the woman decides that she's better off with a "good man" the "good man" places her on the side and still attempts to gain the "gold digging woman". This is one cycle that seems hard to break, a few people break it and live that happily ever after life with the one they love. Others are not so lucky and continue chasing what isn't real. 

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