Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've been a fan since " SIn gorito no hay cumpleño..." I don't remember if I have ever seen Omega, also known as "El Fuelte"  perform , probably so since I do have the bad habit  of forgetting those things no matter how good of a show they put on. Any who , after waiting a few years , he was finally able to come back into the US of A to perform. I'm still confused on wether he has his performance visa or not . Does anyone know the real deal? Rumor has it that he's here on a "religious mission" visa and is not allowed to perform. I was kind of disappointed at the cover charges, it was empty and it was held inside the Armory in Washington heights. He could of performed at United Palace in that case. Besides the obvious, the show was amazing. I still can not believe his outfit , low crotch pants with B-dazzled army boots. LOVED IT! *shout out to my boy for hooking me up with a last minute ticket ;o)

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